3 benefits of yoga teacher training

Top 3 Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

Top 3 Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training: Goa is one of the most popular destinations in India. Goa is the most searched destination among tourist. Thousands of tourist travel from all over the world to Goa for its scenic beaches and its hippie nightlife. But Goa is not all about beaches and nightlife; you can feel the relaxed vibes and a laid back feel in the air of Goa.

Most of the people consider Goa as the most stunning location in India with good food, beautiful beaches laid back lifestyle, and most amicable people.  These laid back vibes make this a perfect place for yoga teacher training.

When I looked for some yoga ashram option in Northern India, I find weather is very harsh in December. As I have scheduled my yoga teacher training in December, this leads to my search of yoga ashram in Goa, India.

I want to start my practice with something very relaxed yet very connecting to my practice. So I narrowed down to Goa as I have heard about Goa before.

So I have enrolled myself in 200-hour yoga teacher training that was 28 days curriculum. When I first entered the ashram, I was not sure about my decision because back in my head, I had this notion of a strict environment of ashram. It was indeed right in some way, but it wasn’t entirely true. I found the staff very cooperating and teachers highly knowledgeable. I could feel their passion for yoga, and that made me feel like wow! I am in India- the birthplace of yoga.

Apart from teaching of yoga, I have summed up all my experience that what made my wellness journey to Goa a real success.

Here are Top 3 Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training

Diet discipline:

Food is an intricate part of yoga teacher training, and being a foodie, I was very skeptical about the Satvik diet. I have been kind of on and off from the vegetarianism, but in the ashram, we were provided vegetarian meal according to the principles of Satvik foods.  Satvik diet is believed to increase your vitality and good for your health.

The menu was simple and comprised of bread, legumes, lots of vegetables, and salad. In the beginning, I was very apprehensive about the food and found it too bland. Later on, I started developing a taste for it and started recognizing its flavors.

Food cooked in a hygienic condition, and even sometimes we were also asked to come and prepare so that we can understand about it. It was quite fun and learning because food is the fuel for the body, and what we are eating had a good impact on our body and our mood. And, I can feel the upliftment in my spirit and my metabolism.


Earlier I used to be on and off from my yoga practice, but when I joined my 200-hour yoga teacher training course in Goa, then I get fully acquainted with the concept of a yogic lifestyle. It is not about practicing yoga all day long. It comprises of everything including asana practice, food, and meditation practice.

In addition to asana practice, I have learned the technique of meditation. Meditation helped me by calming my mind and made you more focused. I learned so much about mindfulness, and it helps me to be aware of my surrounding. I learned to live in the present moment without all worries and let go of my insecurities.

In my yoga teacher training in Goa, I learned what it is to live a yogic lifestyle. We used to wake up at 6 am, and our day starts with pranayama and some breathing exercise, and it ends with meditation. I learned about the eightfold path of Ashtanga yoga and discovered that these form the basis of life, and without these principles, yogic lifestyles are not possible.


Yoga gives us overall health benefits. I was amazed that there is a lot of science going on behind every yoga asana. Yoga poses concerning about Anatomy and Physiology also taught us in this course. In yoga, there is a specific asana for a particular muscle.

Our day started with the practice of yoga asana, and I can proudly say that I can do every yoga. I am more flexible now, and yoga is a kind of your bodyweight exercise, so it builds lean muscles. Although it doesn’t make me look very slim yet now, my health improves a lot.

I get rid of my anxiety, and my mind became much calm now. Breathing exercise made me calmer and helped in normalizing my blood pressure and hypertension. Practicing yoga asana, indeed was beneficial in increasing my overall health aspect.

Overall I enjoyed my 200-hour yoga teacher training in Goa. I learned so much about various yoga styles and want to inoculate those ethics I have learned in yoga school in my daily life. Whether it was food, environment, knowledgable teachers, everything was up to the mark, and it was a new experience for me. During my yoga teacher training, I went through so many emotions, and it was pretty natural. It was indeed a beautiful experience which will last with me forever.