Yoga asanas to stop snoring

Snoring is a frequently found issue, almost every single person you pick. However, this is a severe case of some instances where the person sleeps hard. There are various reasons behind snoring, like stress, improper blood flow, obesity, nasal problems, issues with the nervous system, etc. People with bad habits like drinking, smoking, drug, etc. have also been found to be associated with snoring issues. A person with snoring tendencies later suffers from sleep apnea, which can lead to cardiac diseases as well. Incomplete sleep makes such people suffer from stress, anxiety, etc. issues. However, yoga can be a perfect answer to snoring. Given below are some of the best yoga asana for snoring treatment.


Bhujangasana is a perfect yoga for snoring treatment. The pose makes the path of the cardiac and lungs region apparent. It enhances the flow of oxygen and blood uniquely. All it needs for the practitioner is to sleep inverted facing down, exhale, and then lift the upper body from the navel up with the support of both the hands pressing the ground. The face should be upfront with eyes remaining closed. This can be a perfect yoga for snoring stop immediately.


Dhanurasana can be an excellent way to prevent and cure for snoring. The pose maintains the breathing rate with perfection. To start with, again sleep inverted, and then exhale to lift the lower body from the navel up, bending from the knee. Now take both the hands back and hold the heel portion of both the legs. It expands the cardiac muscles to regulate the breathing process better.

Anulom-Vilom Pranayam:

One doesn’t need any chemical remedies to stop snoring if he/she consistently practices Anulom-Vilom. It has enormous benefits for the entire body. Talking about sleeping, it addresses such issues by clearing the cardiac paths and throats. It’s a simple process; the practitioner has to first inhale through one of the nostrils while closing the other by putting the thumb on it. Now put the thumb out and exhale the entire breathe, at the same time while closing the other nostril. Then again take breathe in through the same nose you exhaled while keeping the other closed. Repeat the process for various cycles.

Bhramri Pranayam:

Bharmri pranayama is another most effective ways to stop snoring. This is the simplest way of addressing snoring and sleep apnea issues with perfection. Here the practitioner has to first close the ear by keeping thumbs on it while closing the eyes and putting the fingers on it. Now make sound just like a honeybee inside, without opening the lips or moving the tongue. Put the entire focus on the noise generated.


Kapalbhati is another perfect way of addressing snoring and sleep apnea issues. Here the person has to sit in padmasana or ordinary cross leg gesture, and frequently exhale while pushing the stomach inwards. Only ten to fifteen minutes of kapalbhati are enough to address various issues including snoring