Rejuvenate amongst rice paddies in Ubud, Bali

Bali is one of the most popular travel destinations in Indonesia. Every year Millions of people flocks from all over the world to this beautiful destination for holidays in its scenic beauty. Beyond its beautiful beaches, people travel to Bali for their enthusiasm for yoga and to complete their first step of the yogic journey that is 200 Hour Yoga teacher training in Bali.

Yoga in Bali

Why you should choose Bali as your destination for 200-hour YTTC??

With its vibrant culture and the spread of various yoga schools and retreat, Bali is heaven for health and wellbeing. Famous as God’s Island Bali is known for ancient architecture, temples, and very captivating culture. Its cultural and artistic heart Ubud is one of the best places for yoga teacher training.

Bali is one of the best places to start your yoga teacher training since Hinduism is a predominant religion here; spirituality runs in its veins. Also, Its relaxed environment makes it a perfect place to rejuvenate yourself and immerse yourself in the joy of practicing yoga.

Begin your 200-hour yoga teacher training with AYM yoga school:

Among many other yoga courses,200 hour Yoga teacher training is the most common and intensive practice of one month. As from this course, the practitioner starts their journey of yoga and their path of becoming a registered yoga teacher. Our all yoga teacher curriculum is designed under the guideline of yoga alliance USA.

Highlights of our 200-hour yoga teacher training curriculum:Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

  • The practice of Ashtanga, vinyasa yoga and Hatha yoga
  • Study of different techniques of meditation and Pranayam
  • Study of human anatomy and physiology and yogic philosophy
  • Theory and teaching practical

After completion of 200 hours YTTC in Bali, you will be awarded a certificate by yoga federation and yoga alliance.

AYM yoga school in Bali take you to the journey of self-improvement and self-contentment. Also, it will help you to initiate your journey as a professional yoga teacher. Our 200-hour YTTC in Bali offers you a whole new experience of spiritual and mental bliss.

Come and explore the teaching and goodness of yoga and find your pure inner bliss with AYM yoga school 200-hour YTTC and embark your journey as a professional yoga teacher.

Dates, Prices and Booking Process

The dates of this course are flexible, please send us an email at to know more about price dates and booking process.