You will stay at the beachside cottages, two minutes from the Arambol beach

Accommodation at AYM Yoga Training School in Goa

AYM Yoga teacher training school in Goa provides private accommodation during yoga courses, retreats, and its cost is covered in the total package already. We provide only private room type of accommodation to Yoga course trainees in Goa. Accommodation is not luxury but comfortable and is prepared after keeping in mind the yogic lifestyle for proper rest so that you can focus on learning yoga and enjoy without any tension during the training course. We provide lots of facilities like a comfortable bed, big windows and proper light to makes our students feel at home.

Our Yoga Space Facilities in Goa

  • Rooms with King Bed with Attached Washroom
  • All accommodation units have water 24×7, WiFi and Luggage space
  • One common Washing Machine is available for Trainees for washing their clothes during the Yoga TTC Course in Goa
Yoga Hall
Yoga Hall

Food for Yoga TTC students in Goa

A balanced yogic diet helps keep us healthy. Proper food and proper way of eating is an essential part of learning yogic lifestyle. As in yoga, we eat food while making the process of eating, like eating meditation. Balanced diet always nourishes the body’s organs, but overeating and tamsic food can be bad for health. We provide vegetarian food during yoga teacher training programs in Goa. According to Yoga philosophy in none vegetarian food, we harm other animals and gave suffering to them. And if given sufferings to others, then equal opposite pains come to our life as well. Also, there are lots of harmful hormones that are released while harming animals, and eating them can adversely affect physical and mental health. So in yoga, we practice eating vegetarian food as plants do not have a nervous system, and they do not have pain even if we eat them. It said that a vegetarian meal promotes inner. We have a kitchen in our yoga school in Goa where we provide freshly cooked meals to everyone.

Food at AYM

Morning Breakfast at 9.00 is:  we will provide meals like – Porridge, sprouts, nuts, fruit salads, muesli with salad and yogurt, bread toast with fruits, fruit salad with yogurt, coconut water or herbal tea and paratha.

Noon Lunch at 1.00 pm: we provide Indian Ayurveda meals which including rice, with Indian whole wheat or multi-grain bread, lentils or dal, cooked vegetables, green salad different beans with yogurt and changing every day.

Dinner at 7.30 pm: we provide light dinner and is a combination of healthy Ayurvedic Indian food with soup, cooked vegetables, and raw salad or fruit salad. All of our food served is strictly fresh without any preservatives. We do not calculate fare as modern science does, but we do see the effect on our mind and body as per yoga tradition.

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