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Embrace and LOVE your body. It’s the most precious thing you will ever own

Yoga Retreat in Goa

Learn the ultimate art of living by indulging in our yoga retreat and unveiling the serenity in you. We don’t like spilling the secret. Better experience it yourselves. Thirty hours of 3-day Yoga will give you everything you need right now. Yoga is a medication of the mind and a way of living. We are glad to welcome you every time you require us. Even if it’s just one day, we assure you the best of everything possible.

The yoga retreat in Goa suits people of all ages and physical capacities, as it requires little strength to get started. If you can breathe, you can do Yoga. The Breath controlled properly and simultaneously with specific poses or postures can do more for your physiological, psychological, and biochemical well-being than any other form of exercise. A Yoga retreat is not about ‘exercise.’ It is about learning how to control your lifestyle easily, with a bit of practice; very soon, the results are so outstanding that you wonder why they haven’t made Yoga retreats illegal

Yoga Class


We have 20 years of experience in the yoga industry. We will guide you through morning meditations, relaxing and refreshing yoga styles to create peace and harmony,

Food Thali


Food is simply one of life’s greatest pleasures! Expect deliciously healthy, nutritious food that will blow your mind from breakfast to dinner.



Come along to experience great weather, friendly locals, blissful beaches, mystical mountains, and refreshing waterfalls.



We lovingly offer you yoga, meditation, and delicious food daily, but we also want to take you on Daily Experiences to enjoy the beauty surrounding us.

Use your timeout to create the life you want – Join a Yoga Retreat in Goa:

Yoga, in one of its broadest meanings, is deepening relationships. One way to deepen a relationship is with good conversation, genuinely listening, and being aware, moment to moment. Our Yoga Retreat in Goa is dedicated to advancing the collective conversation, sitting nearby with good company, and sharing food and practices that build a strong, flexible body, agile mind, and willing heart.


  • Luxury accommodation with pool access, within walking distance from the beach.
  • Morning daily guided meditation
  • 2 yoga classes per day (Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa)
  • 3 healthy chef-prepared meals per day
  • Infused water, teas, and coffee are available
  • Beach Yoga and stand-up paddle boarding excursion
  • Free Wi-Fi, Hotwater (geyser)

───── Om ─────

3, 7 & 10 days Yoga Retreat in Goa, India

Dive deep into body, heart, and mind, reclaim your worth, creativity, and divinity, and rise strongly in celebration of who you are

Goa’s Spiritual essence is a place where you can not only nourish your body & soul but witness firsthand contentment through LIVING and SERVICE. This is your chance to take time from the demands of a busy, complicated life to connect to and enjoy who YOU are.

We look forward to seeing you on what we feel is our most amazing Yoga Retreat in Goa yet. Experience Nature, Beauty, the Knowledge and Feeling of Living, Culture, Tradition, History, Meditation, Yoga, Pampering, Live Food, Healing, Rejuvenation, and lots of fun. All in a culture that defines the “Spirit of Yoga.”

3 Days Retreat


3-night accommodation

Build and grow your yoga practice

Improve focus and concentration through meditation and breathwork

3 meals everyday including breakfast, lunch, and dinner

7 Day Retreat


The 7-day Yoga Retreat in Goa will help you enjoy your stays in our Yoga Ashram, taking advantage of the excellent weather and the outdoors in the way that makes you most happy.

Depending on your availability, you can take classes comfortably at home or on the beach!

This is a great opportunity exclusively for you or your family, friends, and co-workers to organize group yoga sessions. Contact us to find the formula that best suits your preferences! We are open to your needs.

10 days Yoga Retreat in Goa


Enjoy ten days of nurture, reflection, and inspired change at this Yoga Retreat in Goa. These ten days are about taking a break and reflecting on YOU, why you have certain beliefs, and how to break unwanted habits. With mind empowerment, meditation, yoga, and community building, you will leave with tools for creating a positive transformation in your life! This Retreat is only for those who want to rejuvenate, get some deep relaxation, empower themselves, or want to get away and have some personal time! We hope you feel inspired to live a more passionate, present, and blissful life.

All meals and accommodation will be provided during this Retreat. However, if you have a favourite drink or snack, you can bring it to keep in your shared refrigerator in each house.


Nestled near the Arabian Sea amidst glittering turquoise waters and sandy shores lies the island retreat of Arambol, Goa. Join this joyful, loving and fun trio at this dreamy oasis for a Yoga Retreat in Goa at the AYM Yoga School, where you’ll deepen your practice, restore inner peace, soak up the golden Tahitian sun, admire the dramatic peaks, and tune in to the soulfulness of this magical island. 

All yoga practitioners are welcome to lean into their best Self through daily soulful vinyasa flow classes, guided meditations, Pranayama (breathing) practices, and Restorative classes.


We will stay at our newly built Yoga Ashram, equipped with a large Yoga Hall, delicious food, and access to local activities. We have a wide range of room types available, from single rooms to larger dorm rooms, so we have several pricing options.


 Prices include accommodation and meals (vegetarian option available daily, at brunch and dinner). The price does not include flights to Goa, car hire/ transfers, or any additional activities you choose to do.


  • To simplify your life so that you can align your values with your actions
  • Provide accountability so that you stay in tune with your own needs
  • To have a convenient space to learn that you can access anytime, from anywhere
  • Get clear on what you want to manifest in your life
  • To become a collector of beautiful moments
  • Establish a daily ritual of prayer, meditation and Yoga asana
  • To implement the principles of Yoga into daily life
  • Create a healthy connection to food


  • Yoga teachers who need to get back on their mat as a student
  • Students of Yoga who are challenged with finding consistency in their practice
  • Students of life who desire to be more connected emotionally and spiritually
  • Caretakers who are constantly giving of their energy and feel depleted
  • Anyone interested in deepening their creativity
  • Individuals who are feeling “in a rut” with food

Expand Your Skill Set with AYM’s Yoga Retreat in Goa

AYM’s Yoga Retreat in Goa includes many postures to increase flexibility and strength, muscle tone, and overall well-being. This improved physical well-being has a strengthening impact & calming effect on the mind. Although we include some foundational postures in each class, different poses are practised in each session.

A Yoga Retreat in Goa is a professional and highly effective foundational program. Each session is intelligently organized and executed in a way that makes it an enjoyable and life-changing experience. Explore your highest potential while manifesting your dreams.

Yoga Retreat in India

This Yoga Retreat in Goa will consist of:

In this modern world filled with the distractions of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., all sending us messages implying that we are not good enough, how can anyone maintain consistent self-acceptance or high self-esteem?

In this Yoga Retreat in Goa, we explore what it means to completely accept who we are without reservation. We will discuss why so many people struggle with self-acceptance and understand ways to overcome our inability to accept ourselves and others just as we are. The retreat will consist of:

  • Definition of self-acceptance and distinction with self-esteem
  • Identifying the modern barriers to self-acceptance
  • Generating the mind of self-acceptance
  • Yoga session concentrating on restoration and acceptance
  • Meditation on acceptance of all things, including ourselves
  • Question and answer period


  • Discover your Authentic Self through the study of yoga philosophy, asana, pranayama, and meditation
  • Develop a home practice to support your yoga journey and find your voice as a teacher
  • Create complete and balanced vinyasa yoga sequences using intelligent sequencing techniques
  • Understand and uncover the ancient connection between Yoga & Ayurveda
  • Learn how to practice and teach meditation, asana, and pranayama.


The Retreat costs you $50 per night. Packages are as follows:

3 Days Yoga Retreat – $150
7 Days Yoga Retreat – $350
10 Days Yoga Retreat – $499

A deposit of $100 is needed to confirm your place.

Accommodations and Amenities

AYM Yoga School allows you to live with luxury and all the comforts of home with the best amenities: a full kitchen, pool, hot tubs, ocean, fitness centre, and more.

Amazing Instructors

Our certified instructors encourage support and challenge, both new and experienced practitioners alike. Yoga and fitness class styles range from classic to innovative cutting-edge, yet always safe and inspiring.

Reach for a more fulfilling life.

Your mind is a powerful tool, but how can you learn to use it? You know your body has its wisdom and ability to heal, but how do you activate it? Your heart holds vast reserves of joy and inspiration, but how do you access it?

Mark teaches an integrated method of meditation, contemplation, transformation, and physical practice to take you from where you are now to the life you know is possible.


Enjoy Yoga on our beautiful beach, flowing through asanas with ujjayi breath, harmonizing moving meditation with the soothing ocean sounds. This is for EveryBODY! All levels, abilities, and ages are welcome. Great for the whole family.

You’ll love this fantastic yoga experience with your toes in the sand and drishti on the expansive ocean, and you can relive it by viewing the gallery of pictures from all sessions.

Whether the class is for beginners, general students, or a restorative or vinyasa flow class, teachers encourage students to honour themselves and practice with their needs in mind. We only offer small classes of up to 10 students so that you will enjoy individual attention. Everyone welcome!

Join a Yoga Retreat in Goa Today

Yoga at Beach

Why do Yoga Retreat in Goa at AYM Yoga School?

We believe everyone can do yoga. But why would you want to?

The benefits of Yoga Retreat in Goa are enormous, but let’s start with what yoga means. Many people know it as an exercise that strengthens and tones the muscles and improves flexibility. Yes, it can do that, but it is so much more. The word yoga can be translated from Sanskrit as ‘union’, and one of its principle purposes is to help improve the mind-body connection.

Joining a Yoga Retreat in Goa at AYM is uniting mind, body and breath, and yoga trains the complete person to become firm, focused and flexible. It enables you to explore and get to know your body and how it works so you can harness that knowledge to help it work most efficiently. You learn to release tension in body, mind and emotions. The result is more energy, a more balanced state of mind and better-regulated emotions, all leading to a greater sense of well-being and a better mood.



On this Yoga Retreat in Goa, you will experience a blend of active classes, meditation, pranayama and restorative or yin yoga sessions to help you unravel and sink into your centre.

A series of afternoon workshops will help you empower your practice and introduce you to different concepts of yoga in a relevant, playful and practical way, allowing you to dive deeper while working at your own pace.


On Yoga Retreat in Goa, you can enjoy an abundance of healthy, healing, delicious food sourced locally and seasonal as much as possible, promoting good digestion and self-renewal and feeling satisfied. You won’t go hungry!


Allow the great outdoors and nature’s serene embrace to inspire you as you sink into a more intuitive rhythm guided by the sun, the moon and the stars.


I keep group sizes manageable. Small, intimate groups of up to 15-20 people ensure time for honest conversation, connection and friendship, as well as space for yourself without feeling the need to be overly social. Fewer people means more attention and personalised guidance during yoga practice, too.