10 Days Yoga Retreat in Goa – Bring family and friends, or come by yourself and make new friends with other like-minded people. We will make amazing memories!

Location Location: Goa, India

Yoga2 Yoga classes daily

Accommodation Room: Private Room

Free Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi

Meals 3 sattvic meals daily

Unique Yoga Retreats in North Goa, Arambol


10 Days Yoga Retreat in Goa:- Imagine ten days when your entire focus is your well-being. Surrounded by vast skies and deep forests, you would rest, breathe, eat well and be guided through nourishing yoga classes. That is what we want to give you at AYM Yoga School. Someplace to recover from the stress of everyday life is to reconnect with yourself through yoga and time in nature – a place just to be. 

We offer yoga retreats for everyone, from beginners to experienced yogis.

Duration: 09 nights, 10 days

Group Size: 10 persons

Difficulty: Beginners, easy

Price: $499 – 1p

10 days Yoga Retreat in Goa

A quiet space where you can reconnect with yourself and with nature


Join us for 10 days of relaxation and connection to cultivate a beautiful foundation and allow yourself time to revive completely. Holding to our green philosophy, we bring you an authentic yoga experience in a peaceful environment that does not compromise comfort, luxury or environmental responsibility. Our mission is to spread peace of mind and heal the planet through compassion and respect for all walks of life.

Your investment will include…

• Enjoy yoga daily, experiencing a variety of styles
• Meditation daily, we explore different styles so you can feel what modality resonates best
• Healthy menu and the incredible food
Time to yourself: This is very important…read, swim in the beautiful pool or ocean or go for a walk in nature
• Accommodation in a private room with an attached bathroom and hot shower
• Other amenities

  • Retreats are available from January through December
  • Join on any date between the 06th and 17th.


Arambol, North Goa, India


Beginners and intermediate

Program Dynamics of 10 days Yoga Retreat in Goa:

Morning Meditation:

As you begin your adventure in this retreat, we will invite you to perform morning and evening Yoga Classes to prepare your body and mind to explore other states of consciousness. Morning meditation/pranayama brings subtle consciousness, harmony and natural order to life.

Morning and evening Yoga Classes:

You will learn a simple routine that you can perform in your own home to minimize the impact of stress on daily life and strengthen the nervous system.

10 days Yoga Retreat in Goa

Optional Activities (not included):-
  • Amazing Ayurvedic treatments are steps away from the school.
  • Goan Sacred Sites/ Botanical Garden tours
  • Surfing Lessons
  • Hiking Tours
  • Kayaking Tours
* * Does not include:-
  • Travel to and from AYM Yoga School
  • Rental Car (strongly recommended*, car-sharing available).
  • Additional activities such as spa services, tours, snorkel gear, etc.
Retreat Fee:



We invite you to immerse yourself in a self-growth journey deep in Goa’s paradisiacal lands. AYM Yoga Retreats aims to untap your potential, adopting pillars of adventure, mindfulness, self-love, sustainability, vitality and community. Through a curated program of movement practices, adventure, healthy eating, and healthy thinking, you are bound to leave Goa’s beaches re-energized and ready to share your light and passion with the world.

Detox Yoga Retreat

(Dates: any date b/w 06th to 17th)

Detox retreat means detoxing and getting your fitness on track. It combines yoga, meditation, and a detox diet for Nutrition. This does not mean you will feel hungry for the entire retreat. Instead, you’ll feed your body and mind with healthy, clean juices, fruits, and foods.

3 Days Yoga Retreat in India

(Dates: any date b/w 06th to 24th)

The 3 Days Yoga Retreat in Goa aims to create a healthy, safe environment where people of all ages and experiences can enjoy and share their love of yoga, adventure and exercise! We are here to support fellow yogis or even those first-time yogis while tasting an adventure!

7 Days Yoga Retreat in India

(Dates: any date b/w 06th to 20th)

We invite you to rest, reset, and reconnect to the creation and the Creator while surrounding you with the love and support of the community. Join us for 10 10-day Yoga Retreat in Goa and give yourself a gift of wellbeing in 2024.