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“Beaches, Sunsets and Crazy Nights”

Sun, sand, waves, and coconut trees. I’m home. Life is not meant to be one place. Let’s go to Goa.

A vacation paradise in South Western India is famous for its sandy beaches, water sports, easygoing lifestyle, history, fairs and festivals.

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GOA – A Perfect Holiday Destination

Goa can be referred to as the Beach Paradise of India. The smallest state of the Indian Peninsula has the most significant number of beaches, and that’s the reason it’s the favourite Indian beach destination for foreign tourists. BUT PLEASE, don’t forget about all the other incredible places to visit here in Goa (e.g. day markets, night markets, waterfalls, Portuguese heritage, the capital, spice farms, boat trips, legendary Enfield tours, Hindu culture, incredible beaches, etc.).


Tap into your untamed heart in Goa with us this season! Goa is a land of high vibrational energy. It is a beautiful place where people from all over the world come to unleash their hearts and sing, dance, pray, & play. From soft and sandy beaches to the rhythmic sounds of the jungle, you will swim in the sea, gaze into the wild night sky, trek to ancient volcanoes and enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the Indian culture.


Anjuna Flea Market is at the heart of the ‘backpackers’ scene. The flea market is the place to be on Wednesdays in Goa. A beach town off the North of Goa, Anjuna became the hide-out for Western ‘hippies’ arriving in the 60’s.

Finding their wallets empty but wanting to stay longer, these early travellers auctioned off their belongings, from guitars to jewellery and jeans, to their compatriots.

Thus began the infamous ‘flea’ market at Anjuna. The Flea market, which begins around 9 am and shuts down only with the sun’s setting, is a unique experience that the visitor in Goa shouldn’t miss, approx. October till the end of April.

Few traces of Goan life and culture within the Flea market are visible; its lively and often amusing scenes make for an afternoon. One can still find traces of the Anjuna ‘Hippie hide-a-way, which become a legend to these parts.

Anjuna Flea Market
Saturday Night Market


All things are bright and beautiful. That’s Saturday Night Market in Arpora. And what a market it is! The place is genuinely a ‘melting pot’ of cultures. From multi-coloured hammocks and shorts to shoes, bags and psychedelic t-shirts – you name it, you have it here!

Resplendent with creatures great and small – great ‘coz without them, you’d never realize that bizarre can be hot and petite – that’s what you might feel like in comparison.

There’s fantastic food on sale as well. From Mexican to Israeli to the organic and the oily and Punjabi, anything your intestines could growl for is here. Live music and beer flowing like water add to the fun, approx. December until the end of April.


It is located in the Sanguem district of Goa near the Goa-Karnataka border. It is located at a distance of around 60 kilometres from Arambol.

Dudhsagar Falls of Goa is ranked as the fifth-highest waterfall in India and is listed in the world’s Top 100 highest waterfalls.

The waterfalls have a milky white appearance, so it is named Dudhsagar, which means “Ocean of Milk”. The Dudhsagar waterfalls plunge from a staggering height of 2,000 feet.

Dudhsagar is located amongst the lush green surroundings of the forests of Western Ghats, making it even more scenic and beautiful.

Dudhsagar Falls


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Sakari Spice Farm


The SAHAKARI SPICE FARM is located amid verdant environs in Curti. The taluka of Ponda, where it is situated, is highly renowned among tourists due to its abundant cultural heritage and exquisitely crafted places of worship. This Spice farm adds to the variety of tourist destinations Ponda boasts of.

A place for relaxation under the dense forest cover, an aroma of a variety of genuine spices coming from the trees growing around the farm, lots of knowledge, guidance on the type of species and treatment for various diseases, sumptuous lunch in traditional Goan style, and other modes of entertainment, all this and more to add to a cherishable day at Sahakari Spice Farm.


The beautiful temple complex is famous in Goa for its giant brass bell. The bell does not have a ringer. The bell was affixed solely when an individual desired to provide testimony.

The goddess was believed to punish the person who lied while ringing the bell. The belief was so strong that during the Portuguese rule, the testimony in the temple was considered acceptable in a court of law.

Shri Mahalasa Temple
Konkan River Explorer


It offers the possibility of enjoying an eco-friendly cruise experience.

Become a passenger of an incredibly innovative Cruising Trawler mixing traditional elegance and high technology.

Along with this, they propose new opportunities for exploration (islands, mangroves, sea, rivers) with four modern sit-on-top kayaks (capacity of six passengers) as well as two sailing dinghies, which, if required, are accompanied by a motorized safety boat.

Even if you are not a trained adventurer, a qualified crew will work with you to ensure a memorable experience.


Ride your very own legendary bike and explore the real Goa. Hire a Royal Enfield Bullet to feel raw Indian power as you cruise along and take in the scenic beauty of Goa‘s fantastic coast. This experience is rich in emotions and will remain an unforgettable memory. Freedom to travel on your rhythm, to stop where and whenever you wish, for a photo session or to enjoy a cup of “garam chai”. Freedom of movement will be your most profound feeling when travelling around Goa on a mystic bike, “THE ROYAL ENFIELD“.