3 Days Yoga Retreat in Goa – To the path of breaking free from the cage. The cage we’ve created ourselves.

Location Location: Goa, India

Yoga2 Yoga classes daily

Accommodation Room: Private Room

Free Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi

Meals 3 sattvic meals daily

The Journey Begins Within…


Join us for a 3-day, 2-night retreat in beautiful Arambol, Goa, India. Enjoy twice-daily yoga classes, luxury accommodations, morning meditation, and healthy meals provided by a private chef. Spend your days relaxing by the amazing Arambol beach – just a short walk away. With optional activities, including trekking, surf lessons and snorkelling, your days can be full of adventure, or you may choose to unwind with an on-site massage, a good book and a nap in the hammock. No matter how you spend your days, escape the doldrums of winter for a once-in-a-lifetime Yoga Retreat in Goa.

Duration: 3 days

Group Size: 10 persons

Difficulty: Beginners, easy

Price: $150 – 1p

3 days Yoga Retreat in Goa


Nourish our mind and body connection in this 3 day Yoga Retreat in Goa

Expect conscious conversation, flowing yoga practices and open time to hang poolside. You will explore grounding and heart-opening practices while learning about our legacy, vision, and life design in this 3 day Yoga Retreat in Goa, India. And yes, there will be plenty of opportunities to dance, nap, read, connect, hike, face mask and explore.

Our Teachers and organizers are known to create a space where you feel like you belong. They say, “You can always bliss with us,” and they mean it. Let’s come together offline and get honest about committing to taking time for ourselves, connecting with like-minded human beings (who always end up becoming lifelong friends), creating rituals and accessing tools that rock our bliss.

Whats included in 3 days Yoga Retreat in Goa

• Accommodation
• 2 Yoga and one meditation session
• 3 Sattvik Meals
• Wi-Fi, Props
• Access to the pool

  • Retreats are available from January through December
  • Join on any date between the 06th to 23rd.


Arambol, North Goa, India

A Typical Day of your 3 days Yoga Retreat in Goa

Clock 06:30 – 07:30 AM – Pranayama / Meditation

Comfort, energise, and rejuvenate your mind and body with a 1-hour pranayma/meditation session.

clock 08:15 – 09:45 AM – Ashtanga Yoga Session

An ideal start to the day with a warming and refreshing Ashtanga Yoga Session, suitable for all levels, yet expect a bit of a challenge.

Clock 06:30 – 07:30 AM – Pranayama / Meditation

Following breakfast, you will have much time to enjoy conventional holiday activities such as relaxing by the Arambol beach, strolling through the market or hiking through Arambol Track Lake.

clock 01:00 – 01:30 – Lunch

Healthy home-cooked meals

Clock 04:30 – 06:00 PM – Hatha Yoga

There will be another one-and-a-half-hour yoga session before your dinner.

Retreat Fee:


($50 per night 1p)


Extraordinary people will share their profound knowledge with you. Join us and let the serenity of AYM Yoga School elevate your well-being! 🙏💕

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10 days Yoga Retreat in Goa

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