About AYM Yoga School in Goa


AYM Yoga School welcomes you to a new, quiet, bright studio in Arambol, North Goa, India. You will find the equipment for your practice on-site: mats, straps, bricks, chairs & bolsters.


AYM Yoga School is a professional, qualified institution focused on the training, teaching, and training of adepts who have a more profound interest in improving themselves in traditional yoga and subsequently participate in sharing their knowledge and experience with other people. We try to train instructors who become specialized yoga professionals with appropriate theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and skills.

This educational centre was founded as a response to the ever-growing interest in the ancient message of humanity, which, combined with modern knowledge, offers a perfect movement and relaxation system. Our educational programs allow future graduates to acquire and expand their knowledge of professional subjects while providing knowledge of the history and philosophy of traditional yoga and an overview of current modern styles of yoga. The team of lecturers and trainers comprises professional experts with many years of experience.


Welcome to the AYM Yoga School (Yoga Alliance and Ministry of AYUSH certification). We have developed the programs to formulate highly skilled yoga professionals. Our primary aim is to spread the knowledge of the Traditional science of Yoga worldwide. We offer:

AYM offers the best Yoga teacher training Courses in Goa, India. The programs are for those who want the proper knowledge of Yoga and wish to become exemplary Instructors. You will be eligible to register on Yoga Alliance at the end of our Yoga TTC course.

AYM Yoga School in Goa

Are you ready to unlock your potential and dive into your journey of strength?


Yogi Chetan Mahesh established a foundation authorized by Govt. of India and Yoga Alliance USA. Then, AYM Yoga School in Goa came into play in Sept 2005. Some joint conventional and actual yoga exercises were obtained nationwide in India native as they had been missing. So, teaching at the AYM follows conventional and ancient yoga exercises with several scientific approaches.

In 2005, the Association for Yoga and Meditation got the position of the national organization of India and has become the representative of the worldwide yoga exercises federation and sets requirements for yoga exercises according to the rules of the Yoga Alliance and Ministry of AYUSH. The Yoga Graduate students from AYM can be registered yoga teachers (RYT). Nationwide, yoga exercise associations in most countries arrange yoga exercises, sports, and activities.

Yoga School in India

Practice Yoga.




AYM Yoga School has a dynamic team of instructors with decades of combined yoga practice and teaching experience. Our mission is to enhance our participants’ ability to reduce stress at work, home and in all aspects of life by providing a world-class experience. Each class desires to maintain balance and improve mental, physical, and spiritual growth. At AYM, each student in the room is a space holder, an integral part of our yoga family.

AYM Yoga feels that the most vital aspect of any school is the relationship between student and teacher, so you may find the instructor that suits you. AYM Yoga School represents a place where participants receive the highest level of training and an opportunity to join a unique community of like-minded Yogi enthusiasts. For beginners and advanced students alike, we invite you to join us in our beautiful tropical environment to practice yoga with a contemporary and holistic approach!


Our studio is open to help you become healthier and happier

Our studio has two bright and light spaces for you to enjoy, with smaller class sizes that allow for personal attention and authentic community. They kept both rooms as a quiet space where only conscious practice and training take place to keep the feeling-tone of the venue in harmony with the teachings.

Yoga School in Goa
Yoga School in Goa
Yoga School in Goa
Yoga School in Goa
Yoga School in Goa
Yoga School in Goa


“Life is a Collection of Moments”

Dear Students,

Primarily, excellence, equity, and inclusivity are the founding principles of the Association for Yoga and Meditation. We are a Yoga Alliance USA and ministry of AYUSH India registered Yoga school. The rank of 1st stands testament to this community’s dedication to creating an educational environment that is integrated and all-embracing. At AYM, we will do our utmost to ensure your Yoga training is filled with purpose and provide you with the life skills required to succeed in life. Our pedagogy is influenced by the philosophy of balance and the need to develop all facets of one’s personality equally. Accordingly, we strive to teach integrity and commitment to our stakeholders in the classroom and beyond.

Yogi Chetan Mahesh


President of AYM Yoga School


───── Om ─────

Yoga Ashram in Goa

AYM Yoga Ashram in Goa

AYM Yoga School is in Arambol, in the far north of Goa, close to the Maharashtra border; with its seemingly endless stretch of sand and rocky headland, it is one of India’s most charismatic beach towns. Our Yoga Ashram Goa focuses on laying a firm foundation of yogic insights rooted in ancient wisdom in the hearts and minds of all who come. The Yoga teaching style is traditional knowledge and modern methodologies.


A paradise insulated from the outside world by magnificent natural formations and preserved from humanity’s encroachment by the mother river, Ganga and Himalayas valley hills on the other side. The International Ashram of Yogi Chetan Mahesh Ji retains its solitude while remaining in contact with and close to the ‘outside’ world.

Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh


  • clean, safe and inviting atmosphere that welcomes, embraces, encourages and challenges all levels of practice;
  • professional, well-trained, knowledgeable, happy staff team passionate about helping you achieve the goals of your practice and care about your overall wellness;
  • Privacy of information and a gossip-free environment;
  • A rigorous yoga flow in a comfortably heated studio;
  • Equity, integrity and compassion;
  • Competitive pricing packages for high-quality yoga classes and class times that make sense;
  • Discipline by the guiding yogic principles of Patanjali, recognition, respect for and acceptance of all yogic traditions, and upholding the fundamental tenets of YOGA:
  • Ahimsa, or nonviolence
  • Satya, truth, is deemed by some to be the highest commandment.
  • Asteya, honesty
  • Brahmacharya, continence
  • Aparigraha, non-jealousy
  • Yamaha, good deeds done unto others and myself.


Love from our past students

Yoga Teacher Training Review

AYM Yoga teachers have been supportive, knowledgeable, experienced and kind. All the topics have been covered in detail – asanas, meditation, pranayama, cueing and adjusting the students, and using props.

The course has helped me so much on my yoga journey – my practice has become more consistent, especially meditation practice (learning all the techniques has been such a great experience!).


I enjoyed very much my experience with AYM Yoga School! Teachers are very prepared; they follow your practices, correct you if necessary, and help you to grow. I recommend this course to anyone willing to have a first accurate professional approach to yoga teaching! AYM Yoga School Goa helped me on my professional yoga journey and gave me the tools and confidence to start teaching immediately after graduating!

I completed my 200h YTT with AYM Yoga School in March 2023, and I can honestly say that joining this Yoga School in Goa was the best decision in my life – I’m currently a full-time yoga teacher and in the process of my 300h course. The highlight of the course for me was recording videos for each asana. I learned so much from this and felt ready to teach after completing the course.

Skilled instruction

Our instructors are all highly trained, and we pride ourselves on providing a quality experience.


Our trainings cover all syllabus requirements of Yoga Alliance, including asana, inner and outer alignment and more.


Our small trainings allow you to receive individual attention in your practice and teaching skills.

Join us

Our training runs all year round. To learn more, contact us at [email protected] or +91 9528023387


  • Grounding in the Ancient Roots of Yoga, the Tantric Roots of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Krama, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra
  • Development of life-long relationship to the classic texts of Yoga.
  • Skills of seeing, relating and interpreting the levels of imbalance in all aspects of embodiment
  • Skills for hands-on adjustments in the primary poses and intermediate asanas
  • Skills for creating a class to a specific person’s needs, including weakness of lower back, shoulders, wrists, knees, hips, etc.
  • Development of practical knowledge in both biomechanical and energetic alignment for safety, effectiveness and ease
  • Application of multi-dimensional sequencing for effectiveness and diversity of movement, including basic Sun Salutations and various other creative Namaskars
  • Essential use of Sanskrit pronunciation of the asanas and universal chants (mantras) of Yoga
  • Deepening connection to the living flow of Yoga by developing one’s practice or “sadhana.”
  • Cultivation of living Ayurveda (the science of life), understanding of your dosha (personal blueprint), life rhythms, the path of rejuvenation

The Code of Discipline of AYM Yoga School in Goa

AYM Yoga School in Goa provides practical training designed to make you a confident and influential yoga instructor at all levels of students. All who attend the program conscientiously undertake the following precepts for the duration of their stay:

  1. Please follow the daily routine.
  2. Water and electricity are precious and sometimes limited in Goa, so please consider your usage.
  3. Thank you for not smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs.
  4. Would you mind turning off mobile phones or computers and refraining from playing music during your stay?
  5. Please do not enter other people’s rooms.
  6. Please do not leave the main gate and restricted area during your stay.
  7. Please do not harm or kill any creatures and plants around the centre, and be friendly to the environment.
  8. Please keep your room clean and tidy.
  9. Remain silent as much as possible.
  10. Enjoy your stay as simply and naturally as possible.
  11. If any items are damaged or broken due to negligence, please replace them.

Come for the yoga, and stay for the lifelong sadhana. Yoga School in Goa