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Association for Yoga and Meditation have won the global excellence award in the category of Best Yoga Schools around the World.


Traditional Yoga

AYM is a place where you not merely get training but also rejuvenate yourself through traditional practices.

10k graduates

We are the largest running school in the World with more than 10k Yoga Teacher graduates worldwide.

Certified Teachers

We have a team of highly experienced and certified teachers who have many years of experience in teaching.

RYS 200

We are a registered Yoga School (RYS) you can check our registration here: Y-A Registration


Do you want to grow a career as a professional yoga trainer? If yes, then your search stops here. AYM is one of the best Yoga Schools in Goa when it comes to providing professional Yoga courses and Retreats. We understand your dream to become a full-fledged Yoga trainer, and we are here to help you with this. Our courses will give you an adamant time to practice your teaching skills through your involvement in the class.

Get the best Best Yoga Training in Goa | Best Yoga classes in Goa

Our teacher provides you the in-depth teaching of every asana, its correct alignment, and its philosophy. We believe in giving traditional science after every yoga pose, different yogic practices, and other breathing and meditation practices. Apart from Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, you can enjoy our spiritual retreats and Drop-in Yoga Classes in Goa. In the sound of roaring waves hitting the beaches, you can let yourself lose and practice and meditate for hours.

About Goa:

Goa is a minimal land on the west coast of India, and it is the 25th state of the united states of India. It liberated it from Portuguese rule in 1961. However, you can discover a vast number of beaches, it is the hottest tourist spot for foreigners. Most importantly, every year thousands of students come to Goa to become professional Yoga Teachers (RYT-200).

You can find a mixed culture of Indian and Portuguese in Goa. This Mixture of cultures has sprinkled some magic and sweetened with sun, sea, sand, and a lot of seafood. Finally, the magic of Goa will never let you wholly adoring it.

History of AYM Yoga School in Goa:

Yoga is a traditional science of wellness that works on connecting our body, mind, and soul. Following that same philosophy, AYM is established in 2005, by Yogi Chetan Mahesh Ji. Mahesh created a platform to bring the best of Yoga Teachers under a roof and initiated a curated Yoga Ashram. In our Ashram we teache the ancient essence of Yog that includes its philosophy, anatomy, and physiology.


We have created a curriculum that fits everyone’s needs. Our Yog Gurus have meticulously designed this syllabus without losing the true essence of this ancient science, which can be learned by anyone irrespective of their ethnicity, lifestyle, and other factors.

AYM is an esteemed member of the International Yoga Federation (IAF) and strictly adhered to the guideline set by IYF. Since its beginning, AYM has strived to give the best teaching of Yoga to their students.

Benefits of Being a Certified Yoga teacher:

Yoga has become kind of a trend these days. It is not a religion, but it is a way of living your life more healthily. People thought that it is a form of exercise, but it is far more ahead than that. Yoga, along with its physical attributes, also increases your spiritual or astral energy.

Being a certified yoga teacher is not a piece of cake; it takes the passion and the zeal to garner the traditional essence. We have listed some important points below.

Yoga is an artwork:

  • Yoga is a traditional piece of art that has a deeper meaning inside.
  • When we look around, we saw Yoga is imbibed in our life in every little possible way, whether it is in the form of asana or meditation.
  • Yoga Teacher Training in Goa is the newest trend that is catching the light.
  • The Teacher Training is a path of becoming a professional Yoga Teacher via completing the course.
  • You can find numerous blogs about “Yoga Teacher Training in India” and the countless reason to do it. All are pretty fascinating.

Everyday teaching at AYM Goa yoga school:

  • At our Ashram, you will learn that Yoga is not a physical form of exercise or workout; it is far more than that. It is a more in-depth spiritual adventure that will transform you as a whole person inside out.
  • It is all about exploring your inner self and maintain and help you attain perfect harmony between your body and mind via incorporating healthy habits into your life.
  • Also, it will make you understand its scientific aspects and will let you introspect about your journey as a professional Yoga teacher. And, help you find the answer to this question of whether you are geared up for your Yoga Teacher Training or not?

Yoga heals your soul:

  • Your Training helps you to know about your shortcomings and will let you learn new ways to promote its teachings and its value and some innovative ways to deepen your practice.
  • You will learn to become aware of your energy and spiritual chakras and how to control them.
  • Everyone has their limitation, and you will be able to stretch your boundaries and become more creative and knowledgeable.
  • As your classes progress, you will begin to witness yours as well as others’ paths of spiritual and physical wellbeing, and there no much better feeling than this.

YTTC Goa | Yoga Teacher Training in Goa School

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For almost 15 years, the Association for Yoga and Meditation leading students to walk into their practice as instructors. Our Yoga Institute located near Arambol or Harmal beach in North Goa Province and Rishikesh Uttrakhand. AYM Yoga School in Goa accepts all people of different cultures throughout the world without any discrimination. AYM offers Yoga Retreats, Yoga holidays, and Yoga Alliance certified courses in Goa, India.

Yoga teacher training in Goa at AYM is different from other Yoga schools in Goa as our all experienced Yoga trainers are from “the World Capital of Yoga Rishikesh.” Our Yoga Teacher Training Center in Goa focuses on learning Yoga while you can enjoy your holidays and can have fun.

Our school has a moderate course fee with excellent services and facilities. We usually take a small group size to emphasize personal learning. Our syllabus is structured, having all components of Yoga training like – Asana Alignment, Pranayama, and Meditation, Human Anatomy Physiology and Yoga Philosophy, yogic detox, or Kriyas, and mental detox the kirtan.

Yoga Courses in Goa


We have many choices of Yoga TTC in Goa to choose from.

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Experience an unforgettable and life-changing journey of your personal and professional development. The 200 hour Ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher training in Goa, India, has been a massive success for students worldwide. The program consists of authentic teaching techniques and extensive knowledge of yoga. Whether you are aspiring to become a certified yoga teacher or searching to deepen your understanding and practice, this course is for you.

Join the eight limbs of yoga with these intensive 25 days of training in Goa. Appreciate your days in traditional yoga shala not far from the Arambol Beach in North Goa. Ashtanga YTTC is an opportunity to dip into your practice and knowledge of the depth of Ashtanga at its origins.


Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

We offer traditional 200 hour Hatha Yoga teacher training in Goa, India (approved by yoga Alliance). In this training, you will study the science of sequencing, and increase your knowledge of body-awareness. You will move nearer to the understanding of your authentic self. The strategy focuses on Yoga in smaller groups for maximum advantages of students and teachers as well as a coalition of both tradition and new sequences paired with the influence of Mantra chanting and the use of props to preserve your body.

The yogic diet of sattvic meals throughout the course helps your system to be smoothly refined and strengthened throughout the course. We train professionals and spiritual instructors with full of commitment.


Features of our Course


Yoga Alliance Certification:

International Yoga Federation has been recognized our Yoga training and classes. Again, all our yoga training courses like

Once you have completed your Teacher Training with us, you will get a Yoga Alliance USA certification as well as appreciation.

Different Yoga styles:

At AYM Goa, you will get to learn different traditional and ancient yoga styles during  RYT 200, RYT 300, and RYT 500 hour training course. Some popular yoga styles offered by AYM yoga Courses in Goa include

1. Hatha Yoga2. Vinyasa Flow
3. Iyengar4. Ashtanga
5. Vinyasa6. Sivananda
7. Restorative Yoga8. Power Yoga

We mainly offer yoga teacher training courses at three different levels.

Experienced Yoga instructors:

To ensure the best Yoga Teacher Training Goa, we have a team of experienced and efficient trainers in our School. The teachers have complete knowledge of different yoga styles and postures; they have been in this domain for years. For every level of Training and Retreat, we have 4-5, experienced instructors.

Perfect class size For Yoga training:

We have fixed restricted our class size up to 20 students only. By limiting the class size to this number, it is flexible for our teachers to give the same importance to every individual. Again, the students feel comfortable in interacting with trainers during the course.


Many peoples choose yoga Teacher Training courses as a method to not only improve their mental and physical health but also to look into their inner self and discovers ideas to convert to a healthier person. However, a lot of people opting to join Yoga courses in India are ignorant of what they can expect at the Yoga School. Most importantly, they are also unaware of the ultimate purpose of their training, i.e., whether they would be using their knowledge to instruct other people or whether they would be working on it for their benefit only.

However, AYM Goa Yoga School provides the best and authentic Yoga courses in Goa. You can check our registration on Yoga Alliance “Here“. The courses we provide are:

100 hrs. Yoga Course in Goa, India

The 100 hrs. Yoga course in Goa, is recognized by Yoga Alliance USA. This course is a part of 200 hrs Yoga Course, we have divided the 200 hr course into two parts of 100 hous, and you have to complete both parts to get registered to Yoga Alliance. Click here to know more about 100 hours Yoga TTC course.

200 hrs. Yoga Course in Goa, India

A 200 hrs. Yoga course is an exciting and transformational effort. On completion of a 200 hrs. course, students should have a thorough knowledge of asanas (including correct alignment and adjustments), Pranayama, Kriya , Mantra Chants, and various meditation techniques. Click here to learn more about the course.

300 hrs. Yoga Course in Goa, India

A 300 hrs. course usually enables a student to start to delve into the more detailed and thoughtful features of this Yoga practice. Whereas the 200 hrs course is focused more on the poses that a student will likely be exercising more than anything else, a more extensive form of training can start to get into the actual substance of this exercise, its subjective and detailed methods and ideas. Click here to know more about 300 hours course.

500 hrs. Yoga Course in Goa, India

A student who registers at a professional 500 hrs Yoga TTC course will get a long-lasting level of commitment. The student must also apply himself/herself to the accurate study of physiology, anatomy, the intricacies of asana arrangements, Yogic healing, the power of bandhas, mudras, mantras, chakras, advanced pranayama, and meditation methods. Click here to know more about this course.

Yoga Retreat Course

Yoga Retreats in Goa Arambol, India

The calm and natural beauty of AYM provides you with the time to journey within, fresh, and restore your mind, body, and soul with this Yoga Retreat in Goa. Training at our organic permaculture farm, Beach, and spa, nourish your body with our functional natural smoothies morning meditation and Yoga in Goa. Click here to know more about this course.


Learn from the best Yoga instructors in Goa (India)

Yogi Bharat
Yogi Chetan Mahesh Ji
Yogi Hitesh Bansal


Free Yoga TTC

*Winner will be selected by lucky draw only

Enter in our Lucky draw contest and win a chance to participate in 200 / 300 / 500 hour yoga teacher training in Arambol, India absolutely free. A certificate will be issued on completion of the free yoga teacher training course, and you will able to register yourself at Yoga Alliance.

How to apply: Visit our Webpage and fill out participation form or send your name and email at aymgoa[@]

How to Register with Yoga Alliance After You Graduate from Your Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

Yoga Alliance is a global organization that controls Yoga schools and yoga teacher affiliations. It is necessary to know that they have an internationally acknowledged accreditation system, but every teacher does not register to the Yoga Alliance. Some nations are now coming up with their accreditation systems, and also some yoga associations do not accept Yoga Alliance’s policy. However, particularly Yoga Alliance registration might make things way more convenient.

To be ready to register with Yoga Alliance as an instructor, first, you have to do a Yoga Teacher Training with a certified yoga school. You can only join with Yoga Alliance after completing the YTT. And the listing process is very straightforward.

Syllabus of yoga teacher training program at AYM

AYM includes basic curriculum required by Yoga Alliance USA, and the topics of the syllabus are:

Ethics and Philosophy of Yoga

In this module, the yoga teacher will teach:

  1. the true meaning and definition of Yoga.
  2. The origin and history of Yoga.
  3. The Understanding of mantras.
  4. Describe the relevance of playing the song during class
  5. Describe the significance of a friendly and healthy environment in class.
  6. Karma Yoga – meaning, principles, and benefits.
  7. Jayanna Yoga – meaning, principles, and benefits
  8. Explain the purpose, policies, and advantages of Bhakti Yoga
  9. Explain the uses, procedures, and advantages of Raja Yoga
  10. Explain why it is necessary to differentiate between traditional and modern Yoga
  11. The application and importance of Yoga.

The methodology of Yoga Teaching

The methods of Yoga teaching module will provide you the foundation to develop you like the best yoga teacher. The instructor must ensure the candidate can:

  1. State the meaning and definition of teaching
  2. Explain the component of teaching
  3. State and explain the teaching process.
  4. Explain the teaching methods used in yoga.
  5. Explain the characteristics of a good teacher.
  6. Explain how to enhance teaching effectiveness.
  7. Explain the need for evaluation of teaching and its methods.
  8. Explain how to sequence yoga techniques for teaching
  9. Explain lesson planning, its principles, and the presentation of a yoga lesson

Training, Techniques, and Practice of yoga

In this module, you will learn:

  1. The candidate must be able to do 40 asanas from different categories – standing asanas, sitting asanas, lying down asanas, inverted asanas, meditative asanas, and relative asanas.
  2. Identify and explain checkpoints of different types of breathing and methods, duration, awareness, contra-indication, benefits of kapalabhati, bhastrika, nadishodhana pranayama.
  3. Checkpoints, methods, duration, awareness, contra-indication, benefits of meditations
  4. Identify and explain inspections, purpose, term, knowledge, contra-indication,
  5. benefits of Jala Neti pot, Sutra Neti, trataka.

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Human anatomy and physiology provide yoga teachers and students with the information and abilities required to know the basic functioning of the body while exercising static poses (asanas), dynamic practices (vinyasa) and breathing exercises (pranayama) of Hatha Yoga.

Fun and extracurricular activities 

In this module, you will enjoy local culture and joining fun activities like joining beach drumming, beach Bonfire, mantra, and kirtan or spiritual singing. We will also take you to local attraction one Sunday or on off day.

The Foundation of AYM in India was laid down by Yogi Chetan Mahesh Ji in 2005. And since then, AYM has been offering a best class Yoga training. AYM yoga school in India has given more than 10000 certified yoga teachers in the last ten years. It is the main reason why the trainees from around the world much appreciate the yoga teachers training at AYM.


You can check here the reviews of our students who have completed their Yoga training at Association for Yoga and Meditation. The Facebook reviews will surely improve your confidence in availing best yoga teacher training course in India. Our pass out students have developed their own Yoga ventures in a different part of the world.

Charlotte Sumian (200 hour Yoga TTC Student)
Review image

I completed the 200 Hour Yoga TTC at AYM in Goa, India in April 2016. The school is beautifully located Near the Arambol Beach, just far away enough to have some peace and quiet from the busier streets. The teachers were all humble, good-natured and knowledgeable. The facilities in perfect condition, clean, hot water and the yoga class with windows so I can see the mountains at the same time you practice. Thank you AYM!

Upcoming Dates and Price

Price and Dates of Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training in Goa Arambol | Enjoy huge discount upto %30 off

  • 100 hour Yoga TTC
  • Price: $699 Price: $599 Offer
    ('Upgrade to Private room by paying $100 more")
    ('$50 off if you book atleast 1 month before")
  • 5th Dec to 17th Dec 2019 closed
  • 18th Dec to 30th Dec 2019
  • 5th Jan to 17th Jan 2020
  • 18th Jan to 30th Jan 2020
  • 5th Feb to 17th Feb 2020
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  • 200 hour Yoga TTC
  • Price: $1399
    Price: $1199 Offer
    ("Upgrade to Private room by paying $100 more")
    ("$100 off if you book atleast 1 month before")
  • 5th Nov to 30th Nov 2019 closed
  • 5th Dec to 30th Dec 2019 closed
  • 5th Jan to 30th Jan 2020
  • 5th Feb to 1st Mar 2020
  • 5th Mar to 30th Mar 2020
  • Apply Now
  • 300 hour Yoga TTC
  • Price: $1799 Price: $1499 Offer
    ("Upgrade to Private room by paying $100 more")
    ("$100 off if you book at least 1 month before")
  • 2nd Dec to 30th Dec 2019 closed
  • 3rd Jan to 31st Jan 2020
  • 2nd Feb to 2nd Mar 2020
  • 3rd Mar to 31st Mar 2020
  • 2nd Apr to 30th Apr 2020
  • Apply Now

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