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Yoga TTC Goa


Beach Sun Yoga & Meditation in a beautiful environment

Yoga Teacher Training in Goa – we provide the most breath-taking Yoga courses within reach of yoga enthusiasts. We offer Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Vacations, Yoga holiday packages, and lots more. We have a beautifully designed Retreat facility in Goa near Arambol beach. Our courses will help you grow as a professional Yoga teacher. We aim to provide qualitative and authentic Yoga training.

Feel your energy flowing into all your pranic channels while immersed in nature’s sound. In the spirit of purity, we welcome everyone to trying out the healing touch of Yoga as part of training. Our expert gurus will let you walk through the layers of the traditional science of AsanasBreathings, and Meditation practices. You can also enjoy a magnificent vacation in Goa with the taste of Yoga and Spirituality by joining our Yoga TTC, Spiritual Yoga Retreats, and Daily Drop-in classes.


Our Yoga school is celebrating its 18th anniversary this year. It is nearly impossible to find a capable yoga school in Goa when it comes to Yoga Teacher Training or Yoga Retreat, whether in teaching, experience, and affordability. Although, we have thousands of students from all over the world who have successfully learned Yoga.

AYM offers a comprehensive line of yoga teacher training in Goa. Especially, 200, 300, and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training are our popular programs. In addition, we also provide gentle, receptive, and intensive Yoga retreats at affordable rates. The teachers have years of experience teaching, and you will learn Yoga in a fun and relaxing environment. Our courses are the perfect balance of asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra chanting, kirtans, human anatomy, kriyas, detox, and philosophy.

However, you will learn Yoga and its practices and become a part of the global Yoga community. You will find the best Yoga training at affordable prices.

Yoga TTC Goa

Our yoga teacher training is the best available. We are here to support you wholeheartedly as you bring new elements to your practice with us.


Experience multiple Yoga styles with grace for higher learning. Relax, rejuvenate, and deep dive into the yoga lifestyle at our Yoga and Meditation Centre in Goa. Our Yoga teacher training programs are accredited with Yoga Alliance for 200, 300, and 500 hours. Our Yoga Teacher Training is the best available. We are here to support you wholeheartedly as you bring new elements to your practice with us.


200 hr Yoga Teacher Training


An intensive 200-hour Teacher training program is the most popular platform to gain expertise. Consider enrolling in this yoga training program to pursue a career that inspires you. As this course explores multiple styles of yoga, it can be adapted to fit the needs of any individual. The primary objective of 200 TTC is to teach the purest traditional form of yoga.

$1199(early bird available)

300 hr Yoga Teacher Training in Goa


Learn the various styles of yoga and obtain expert-level experience in this 300-hour course. This 300-hour course combines both living yoga and learning yoga uniquely. We will teach you how to modify traditional yoga poses to get the best results and create your yoga style. You will be able to master the advanced techniques of yoga for professional development.

$1499(early bird available)

500 hr Yoga Teacher Training


Have you ever wanted to teach yoga with a deeper understanding? Gain real-world skills and transform your career through a practical approach. You gain confidence in your teaching skills by building your knowledge layer by layer, absorbing more information. It is the most advanced training if you value quality. You will be 500 hours certified if you complete 200 and 300-hour training.

$2699(early bird available)



100 hr Yoga Teacher Training


100 hr YTTC is a part of the 200 hrs course. This course will invigorate your understanding of anatomy, physiology, and sequencing guided by the pristine teachings of the Yoga Sutras.

$599(early bird available)

Online Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga Alliance is allowed to provide Online Yoga Teacher Training, and those who complete their training before December 31, 2021, are eligible to register as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®).

Starting from$399

Yoga Retreat in Goa


If you resemble a holiday destination that makes it easy to forget about daily life, then you have discovered the perfect spot. Choose from 3, 5, 7, 10 days, or customize options to stay.

Starting from$349


“Develop your skills and confidence On and Off the Mat”

As the best yoga school in Goa, AYM is committed to delivering maximum knowledge of ancient yoga to our students through our Yoga Teacher Training programs. Taking this lineage forward, we offer an exclusive Yoga TTC in Goa for Indian citizens at an affordable price starting from 25,000/-. 

This is a limited-period offer. The duration of the course is 3 weeks (21 days). The training cost covers the full course, accommodation & meals, ongoing support & education, special events, certification, and much more. Please find out the suitable date from below:

15 days 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training details

Dates ︻ Course starts from 5th of every month
Fee ︻ ₹25,000/-(all-inclusive)
Certification ︻ Yoga Alliance
Program ︻ 2 Yoga Classes everyday
Enroll ︻ whatsapp +91-9528023387  gmail

21 days 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training details

Dates ︻ Course starts from 5th of every month
Fee ︻ ₹49,900/-(all-inclusive)
Certification ︻ Yoga Alliance, YCB (Govt. of India)
Program ︻ 7-8 Yoga Classes everyday
Enroll ︻ whatsapp +91-9528023387  gmail



Yoga Alliance Certification:

We will help you with our knowledge and skills and provide you complete assistance for understanding the complicated aspects of Yoga. We are the certified Yoga School in Goa with the Yoga Alliance and Ministry of AYUSH, India. Trainees who finish our training will be qualified to designate with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). Our program’s goal is to give you the mechanism and determination to lead a power yoga class by graduation!

We provide assistance, train the public about the advantages of yoga, and provide a means for those who teach yoga to unite while supporting diversity within the yoga community.

Different Yoga styles:

You will learn different traditional and ancient yoga styles during  RYT 200, RYT 300, and RYT 500 hour training courses. Some popular yoga styles offered by AYM are:

1. Hatha Yoga 2. Vinyasa Flow
3. Iyengar 4. Ashtanga
5. Pranayama 6. Sivananda
7. Restorative Yoga 8. Power Yoga

We mainly offer Yoga Teacher Training courses at three different levels.

Experienced Yoga instructors:

To ensure the Best Yoga Training in Goa, we have a team of experienced and efficient trainers in our School. The teachers have complete knowledge of different yoga styles and postures; they have been in this domain for years. For every level of Training and Retreat, we have 4-5, experienced instructors.

Perfect class size For Yoga training:

We have fixed restricted our class size up to 20 students only. By limiting the class size to this number, it is flexible for our teachers to give the same importance to every individual. Again, the students feel comfortable in interacting with trainers during the course.


People join Yoga Teacher Training in Goa to begin their careers as Yoga teachers and deepen their yogic practice. At AYM, we focus on developing a proficient and competent teacher and spreading the knowledge of Yoga. We believe in creating the best Yoga teachers by a correct understanding of asanas, alignments, guided meditations, and pranayama techniques. Our courses include relaxation techniques and a sattvic diet.

There are various methods to get a yoga certificate. One of the best ways is to join a Yoga Course in Goa. In modern times, people prefer to hire a certificated yoga teacher to be assured of their choice. Yoga courses can assist you in building your credentials and gaining your pupil’s trust. You could take a specific course for each ailment. Yoga is an antiquated exercise that has traditionally been transferred straight from teacher to student on a one-to-one basis.

When you pick a yoga course in Goa, the prime thing you need to see is that the program is well matured. Most of the Yoga schools in Goa offer advanced programs so that once you have done the introductory course, you can apply for the advanced Yoga courses and specialize in a particular branch.

Certified Yoga Teacher

Join the best Yoga Teacher Training

The trainings are designed and facilitated by the Yogi Chetan Mahesh, who has trained hundreds of Yoga Teachers to the highest standards. Our Training can be taken as a complete or in parts and fits anyone looking for a Yoga Training that will delight the most profound requirements of mind, body, heart, or students, not only those planning to teach.

Our Yoga Teacher Training in Goa is based on the methodology of yoga on three levels: which are:

  1. In the realistic heart of yoga posture practice and its intense subjective and spiritual effects.
  2. As a growing teaching methodology, you can teach in a safe, effective, and decisive manner.
  3. As a profound and extensive examination of teaching from and in the body, you can apply it to your existing teaching style.


Learn from the best Yoga instructors in Goa (India)

Yoga Teacher Bharat
Yogi Bharat (Asanas Teacher)
Yogi Chetan Mahesh
Yogi Chetan Mahesh (DIRECTOR)
Sant Prakash
Sant Prakash (Philosophy)

Please have a look at the syllabus of our Yoga TTC and Retreats


Ethics and Philosophy of Yoga

In this module, the yoga teacher will teach:

  1. the true meaning and definition of Yoga.
  2. The origin and history of Yoga.
  3. The Understanding of mantras.
  4. Describe the relevance of playing the song during class
  5. Describe the significance of a friendly and healthy environment in class.
  6. Karma Yoga – meaning, principles, and benefits.
  7. Jayanna Yoga – meaning, principles, and benefits
  8. Explain the purpose, policies, and advantages of Bhakti Yoga
  9. Explain the uses, procedures, and benefits of Raja Yoga
  10. Explain why it is necessary to differentiate between traditional and modern Yoga

The methodology of Yoga Teaching

The Yoga teaching module methods will provide you the foundation to develop you like the best Yoga Teacher. The instructor must ensure the candidate can:

  1. State the meaning and definition of teaching
  2. Explain the component of teaching
  3. State and explain the teaching process.
  4. The methods of teaching.
  5. Characteristics of a good Yoga teacher.
  6. Explain how to enhance teaching effectiveness.
  7. Explaining the need for the evaluation of teaching and its methods.
  8. Explain how to sequence yoga techniques for teaching
  9. Explain lesson planning, its principles, and the presentation of a yoga lesson

Training, Techniques, and Practice

In this module of Yoga TTC in Goa, you will learn:

  1. The candidate must be able to do 40 asanas from different categories – standing asanas, sitting asanas, lying down asanas, inverted asanas, meditative asanas, and relative asanas.
  2. Identify and explain the checkpoints of different breathing methods, duration, awareness, contra-indication, benefits of kapalabhati, bhastrika, and nadishodhana pranayama.
  3. Checkpoints, methods, duration, awareness, contra-indication, benefits of meditations.

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Human anatomy and physiology provide Yoga teachers and students with the information and abilities required to know the basic functioning of the body while exercising static poses (Asanas), dynamic practices (Vinyasa), and breathing exercises (Pranayama) of Hatha Yoga.

Fun and extracurricular activities

In this module, you will enjoy local culture and join fun activities like beach drumming, beach Bonfire, mantra, and kirtan or spiritual singing. We will also take you to a local attraction one Sunday or on an off day.

Yogi Chetan Mahesh Ji laid down the foundation of AYM in India in 2005. And since then, AYM has been offering the best Yoga TTC in India. AYM yoga school in India has given more than 10,000 certified yoga teachers in the last 17+ years. It is the main reason why trainees worldwide much appreciate the yoga teachers’ training at AYM.


You can check the reviews of our students who have completed their Yoga Training at the Association for Yoga and Meditation. The reviews will surely improve your confidence in joining the Yoga Teacher Training courses at AYM. Our pass out students has developed their own Yoga ventures in a different part of the world.

I have no problem stating that I am delighted after participating in the Yoga Teacher Training course. It does not matter what level of Yoga you are studying, AYM Yoga School in Goa gives everyone something. I appreciate the uniqueness of the variations/modifications of different postures and sequences Yogi Chetan Mahesh Ji offers.

~Tanya Lymar

As a Yoga teacher, I find the training gets better every year. The teachers that present the classes are fantastic. I have had great enjoyment! I am in love with AYM Yoga School…so much to learn! All I can say is Relaxing, affordable, and healthy!

~Elina Chernaia

I genuinely enjoy the 200 hr Teacher Training program. The teachers are excellent, calm, and relaxing, and they take you through the exercises very nicely. The training was unique, and you can conveniently find a Yoga course/Retreat for any age, any part of your body, or intensity. I like it very much.

~Seth Powell


Price & dates of upcoming Yoga courses in Goa Arambol | Enjoy huge discount up to %30 off

  • 100 hour Yoga TTC
  • Price: $699 Price: $599 Offer
    ('Upgrade to Private room by paying $100 more")
    ('$50 off if you book at least 2 months before")
  • 16th June to 25th June 2021 ended
  • 05th July to 14th July 2021
  • 16th July to 25th July 2021
  • 05th Aug. to 14th Aug. 2021
  • 16th Aug. to 25th Aug. 2021
  • Apply Now
  • 200 hour Yoga TTC
  • Price: Starting from ₹49,900
    ("$1199 for international students")
    ("dates: 5 to 30 for international students")
  • 05th June to 25th June 2021 ended
  • 05th July to 25th July 2021
  • 05th Aug. to 25th Aug. 2021
  • 05th Sep. to 25th Sep. 2021
  • 05th Oct. to 25th Oct. 2021
  • Apply Now
  • 300 hour Yoga TTC
  • Price: $1799 Price: $1499 Offer
    ("Upgrade to Private room by paying $100 more")
    ("$100 off if you book at least 2 months before")
  • 05th June to 29st June 2021 ended
  • 05th July to 29th July 2021
  • 05th Aug. to 29st Aug. 2021
  • 05th Sep. to 29th Sep. 2021
  • 05th Oct. to 29st Oct. 2021
  • Apply Now


Apply Online

Click on the Apply Now Online link, and you will be redirected to the page where you will enter the necessary details about yourself.

Fill the Form

Fill in the necessary information (Your full name, course date, the course you are applying for and your Address, etc.)


We will review your application form within 24 hours and send confirmation to your email.


After confirmation, you need to deposit an advance amount. After deposit, your place will be confirmed


We provide you the best facilities at our Yoga School to make your visit truly memorable and gratifying.

Association for Yoga and Meditation is the Best Yoga teacher training school in Goa. We provide you a very spacious, comfortable, and well-furnished accommodation. It is well equipped with all the modern facilities, ideal for a pleasant stay during your Yoga course. We ensure that all yoga practitioners get a friendly environment for pursuing their yogic interests.

Welcoming reception and housekeeping crew are on the hook to ensure your cozy stay. High-speed Wi-Fi and telephone services are available, although students are urged to keep external communication bare minimum and enjoy the snug and warm ambiance.

Nearby places: Arambol Beach, Arambol Sweet water lake, Beach Temple, Arambol Mountain, Mount Carmel Church, and much more.

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