Yin Yoga

Y I N     Y O G A

Yin Yoga and its Benefits – Yin yoga refers to the long-held and restful poses that offer the welcome contrast to the more potentially active and Yang-dominated yoga poses that are highly famous in the current times especially in western culture.

  • Considering Yin yoga as a beneficial remedy in the fast forward life, it encourages people to stop running for a while and enjoy being in the blissfulness of practicing yin yoga.
  • Practicing Yin yoga can help you get into the more profound thought and get you in an expanded form of consciousness.
  • In today’s life, Yin yoga has been impacted by the philosophies of traditional Chinese medicine that believe that the human body consists of meridians that are the not visible energy highways that transfer Oi energy throughout the body.
  • The yoga poses that are practiced in yin yoga are believed to work with the meridian lines explained above to improve the well-being and health of people practicing it.

Introduction of Yin Yoga

Yin yoga was introduced initially to western culture in the 1970s, and the credits go to the sacred yogi and expert martial artist, Paulie Zink. Yin yoga is a significantly beneficial practice form that helps you to heal both your heart and mind. It enables you the time to sit with yourself to stay still and notice what your body and mind were telling you. It is different from that of Vinyasa yoga, and still the best yoga form that you can practice to reach out for yourself. Yin yoga practice can help you balance your energy systems and the unique sense of calm you feel physically and mentally. The muscles need the heat and physical movement to release in the yang practice sessions as that of Vinyasa, while the connective tissue reacts best to the long holding poses.

Practicing Yin Yoga and its benefits

Therefore the Yin yoga helps you stretch your body muscles and targets in both deep connective tissues that are between the muscles along with the fascia throughout your body.

The yin yoga focus enhances the blood circulation in the areas of joints and simultaneously improves flexibility when the postures stretch and move the bone and joints.

The yoga form also helps in regulating the energy flow in the body. Unlike most yoga styles, yin yoga is portable and mobile, which means that you can practice it anywhere and everywhere. A yoga mat is not necessarily needed while practicing yin yoga. Instead, you might require the cushion or bolster to start your yoga exercises.

You can practice yin yoga postures while at the office, at your desk, while watching television, reading books, or while lying in bed. As well as Yin yoga helps make your heart pure and calming down the nervous system from the roots, and at the same time, it also provides your body some space to relax deeply.

It also helps in recovering and nourishing your inner-self, washing away the fears, and cultivating compassion and love within yourself. Practicing in yoga poses is like expressing gratitude to you for being a super fantastic person. The yoga poses are such that they help you build absolute self-belief and faith in how special and unusual you are today and every day.

This is undoubtedly the best way to reconnect with you gently and compassionately that can be implemented by the people who have disconnected themselves from their bodies, The world today is all about fulfilling deadlines and making appointments, uploading stuff on social media sites, a life filled with stress and anxiety.

What are the best BENEFITS of practicing Yin Yoga? 

What can be better than switching from an exhausting life to practicing yin yoga?

Practicing Yin yoga can benefit you in some ways, and all you need to do is” breathe.”

It is considered the best way to find the right space to slow yourself down and be guided deeply into your practice, and Your mind thinks that there has nothing changed by continuing the yin yoga classes. Still, your mind, body, and soul perform from the inside at a much more intense level that you cannot see.

This leaves you with a clearer mind and the concept that your heart and body are healthy and sound. The list of benefits of Yin yoga provides to your body is limitless. Practicing it regularly can only get you benefits and not do it on alternate or random days.

The best way to become you is to start yoga regularly, and what can be better than practicing Yin yogaYou will get a complete Guide on Yoga by Joining Yoga Teacher Training Goa in India, join us for Yoga TTC in Goa

Yoga Icon Top Five Reasons for Practicing Yin Yoga Yoga Icon

Yin yoga is a challenging and unique style of yoga. It is entirely different from what you expect from standard yoga classes. In a regular yoga class, the main target is the muscle, but here, the main goal is the connective tissues, ligaments, and bone. Yin yoga goes more profound than traditional asanas. In this form of yoga, importance is given to passive stretching, most of which occurs on the floor. It would help if you relaxed while maintaining the posture so that your movement targets the bone, thereby accessing your body in a more in-depth fashion, unlike the Vinyasa flow of yoga. There are many institutes and yoga training centers in India that offer yin yoga India. If you are wondering whether you should try it out or not, then let us help you out.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should give it a shot:

  • When you practice yin yoga in Goa, Rishikesh, or India, you are developing your flexibility. The yoga asanas in this type of exercise target the deep connective tissues and the fascia throughout the body. The aim is to extend blood circulation in joints and adjust the flow of energy throughout the boy by stretching. All these make sure that you become flexible.
  • You can practice this form of yoga anywhere you go. All you need is a yoga mat and a few hours, and you are good to go. As there is no equipment used, the place where you are does not act as a barrier.
  • After trying out a few asanas of yin yoga India, you will develop a sense of self-love. Your body will open up, your mind will relax, and you will suddenly become aware of your existence. Regular practice will help you to analyze yourself at a much deeper level.
  • And finally, with yin yoga India, you will be blessed with a fabulous afterglow. The more you sweat, the more you can flush out toxins from your body. You end up feeling good about yourself. This leads to the release of happy hormones named “estrogen,” and your body starts to glow naturally.

With the busy life that we are living, we can keep aside at least one hour for exercise, if not more. Invest this one-hour behind yin yoga India. You will notice the difference within a week.