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Yoga Courses in Goa – Choose plenty of options from beginner to Intermediate to advanced, from 15 days to 3 months, and from Online to In-person. Register now to become a certified registered Yoga Alliance teacher, and start teaching today!!


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Join Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Courses in Goa. The 200 hours course is designed to make our students fully understand all the aspects of yoga and its culture, and our institute’s motto is to pass on this fantastic knowledge properly. Our faculty have come through the tradition, have more than 20 years of teaching experience, and have been trained by various gurus across India.

We give our students a complete knowledge of traditional yoga science to realize the importance of yoga in daily life. Our curriculum includes Asanas (Hatha Yoga, Astanga yoga, and Sivananda yoga), Adjustments, Pranayama (Breathing techniques), Philosophy, Introduction to Ayurveda, Anatomy and Physiology of Yogic practices, and Meditation.

The course will cover chanting, Meditation, pranayama, and asana in addition to yogic philosophy, physical and energetic anatomy, ethics, and the origin of yoga with cleansing practices of kriyas. This challenging course will provide physical fitness, mental health, and the development of inner strength, willpower, and confidence as you step on the mat as a Yoga instructor.


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Yoga TTC India


It’s yoga time! AYM Yoga School offers Yoga Teacher Training courses, workshops, and private group sessions. Also: Mindful living courses, corporate yoga, and wellness coaching. Additionally, the AYUSH ministry (Govt. of India) certified level 1, 2 & 3 certification courses.

Retreats in India


Join us for some extraordinary retreats. Our retreats include; Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Deep relaxation, Walks, delicious food, and a fantastic atmosphere. You will be brought on a journey deep into your inner being, where you will find peace and stillness.

Wellness Coaching


Wellness coaching is a holistic approach to well-being by looking at all aspects of a person’s life. The aim is to achieve a balanced body and mind with an awareness of the spirit/soul. Sinead believes everyone deserves a vitality, peace, and harmony-filled life.


The Yoga courses in Goa are designed for teachers who want to learn the skills necessary to share their love of Yoga with others. These courses will give trainees an excellent foundation in basic to advanced teaching and communication skills.


Price $800 $599 | Duration 11 Days


If you want to become a certified yoga instructor, this course is for you, but you cannot get away from 20 to 30 days of 200 hr yoga teacher training. All students finishing the course will get a 100 hours certificate (Yoga Alliance registered). After ending the second “100-hour Yoga Teacher Training India” course, you can register as a certified Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. This course is also perfect for those who want two weeks of immersion to extend and increase their yoga practice.

100 hour Yoga Teacher Training in India
200 hour Yoga course in India


Price $1500 $1199 | Duration 23 Days


A 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in India is an inspiring and transformational effort. Upon finishing a 200-hour YTTC, students should thoroughly understand yoga poses (asanas), including correct modifications and adjustments. As well as (pranayama), cleansing (kriya), mantra chanting (verbal sounds or syllables), and various techniques of meditation can help their students in obtaining the full advantage of Yoga practice. A 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in India course should ideally leave the participant to teach carefully and profoundly and advance their study and practice.


Price $1900 $1499 | Duration 26 Days


A 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training India often enables students to examine this study’s more detailed and profound perspectives. Whereas a 200-hour YTTC in India is directed more on the asanas that a student will likely be teaching more than anything else, a more extensive format training can begin to get into the real essence of this practice, its mental and sophisticated techniques, and methods. Although it is essential to teach the more “practice” type classes that there may be an ongoing market for, those who keep returning to yoga (and wish to teach it) often continue it for something more than a healthy and flexible body.

300 hour Yoga Course in India
500 hour Yoga Course in Goa


Price $3300 $2699 | Duration 56 Days


The 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training India helps develop excellent skills and abilities for a lifetime teaching experience. Many people follow this form of training to make their life spiritual, happier, and healthier. Yoga holds the utility to make every individual’s life developed, unconcerned with age and condition. The 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training in India is an enduring experience for students to attain yoga’s shrewdness through a passionate and insightful approach. By gravitating toward becoming a Yoga teacher, you are building the opportunities to get included in the growth of this traditional practice that has explicitly changed millions of lives.

Daily Drop-in Classes in Goa

Price: ₹350/- INR | Duration 1 to 1:30 hours | Click here to register

We welcome you all, come & feel the charm of our daily drop-in sessions at AYM Yoga School in Goa. Our daily drop-in Yoga classes intend to encourage everyone to become more aware of the way of self-deliverance “Yoga.”

Schedule of Daily Drop-in Classes in Goa:





06:00 AM


All levels

INR 350/-

08:00 AM

Ashtanga Yoga

All levels

INR 350/-

05:30 AM

Hatha/Iyengar Yoga

All levels

INR 350/-

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Terms & Conditions: All classes must be paid in advance – nonrefundable, noncancellable, and nontransferable.
Inquiries: No need to enquire or book your class in advance. Just drop in and enjoy your practice!

Pick an authentic Yoga Course in Goa, India

If you are seeking Yoga courses in Goa, India? You have unlimited opportunities to choose the proper yoga course. This course guarantees a promising career and ensures more value. Yoga is most favored by lots of people to stay comfortable always. Yoga provides a healthier lifestyle, improves flexibility, and maximizes your posture. It enables people to overcome stress and live healthier lives. The yoga teacher training course in India helps people gain more abilities and knowledge of yoga. To become a yoga teacher, you must join this course.

Yoga is fast growing among many people. Most people recognize the advantages of exercising yoga. If you practice yoga daily, you might develop your personality. The YTTC courses help you maintain all health-related risks and diseases. This program encourages individuals to practice different poses correctly and safely and lets them learn yoga from the best Yoga teachers. The training course offers the necessary facilities to people interested in learning yoga.

What to Consider When Taking Up Yoga Courses in Goa India

Yoga Teacher Training in India MAX 15 STUDENTS
We keep our batches low so that every student gets the instructor’s personal attention.


Yoga Alliance certifiedYOGA ALLIANCE CERTIFIED
Internationally certified by Yoga Alliance and Ministry of AYUSH (Govt. of India)


The package includes accommodation, meals, certification, and much more.


All of our teachers have 10+ years of real-life experience

Our Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training program is practical training designed to make you a confident and effective Yoga Teacher – for all levels of students. We will share our proficiency in pricing, marketing, teaching group or private classes, and arranging your yoga school.

If you are passionate about yoga and have been practicing for several years, you must have the urge to step up the ladder and become a Yoga teacher. Yoga is a practice where individuals aim to reach higher levels of training. Becoming a Yoga teacher is congruent with the “higher up” aspect. It would help if you were motivated to complete a Yoga Training course. There has to be the zeal to learn and be dedicated to becoming a Yoga teacher. You need to examine your motivation, and if you genuinely want to attend the classes, you are on the right path.

Yoga Alliance Certification

Without amiable teachers, many people would not take Yoga Teacher Training courses in India. Some teachers do not understand the teachings of yoga and end up giving poor education. It would be best to have expert teacher training services, helpful guides, and well-qualified teachers. You will find the right Yoga training school through your due attention, where they train people to become excellent instructors.

What is Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization that offers Yoga teacher training applications and accreditation to yoga instructors. After finishing this training, a teacher qualifies as a Registered Yoga Teacher or a Skilled Registered Yoga Trainer. Creating considerable training experience by joining the Yoga Alliance has numerous advantages for the particular yoga professional while offering more credibility to those who teach yoga. Their global registry acknowledges your training, data, and potential as a yoga instructor. Being an associate will also assist when looking for a job, as a Yoga Alliance member instills confidence and respect in your students. As a member of the Alliance, you will have reached specific recognized standards. Students who know the Alliance admire its work and will find members since teachers. Using designated registry marks: RYT or E-RYT after your business on enterprise correspondence, business cards, and advertising, your regular membership will be instantaneously recognizable.


Our Yoga Courses in Goa are a foundation for studying the ancient art and styles of traditional yoga based upon the deep roots of Hatha Yoga. The basics, essential elements, and techniques of asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing), and teaching skills will be studied. This course will give students the ability, practice, and knowledge to become active, creative, and inspiring yoga teachers. Yoga TTC courses are open to individuals who want to become a yoga teacher or become familiar with yoga.

Yoga Courses in Goa


As a participant in these programs, you will deepen and enrich your practice of Yoga and your inner path of transformation. You will see how the teaching adventure expands the teacher as much as the students. You will learn the skills necessary to teach all levels of students effectively and artfully, using the universal principles of alignment and the life-affirming tantric philosophy in our Yoga Courses in Goa, India. As you discover your unique voice, you will develop your creativity and explore the fine art of skilful communication to share your passion for Yoga. Join a supportive community of other dedicated teachers as you engage in this process of intense growth and celebration. Be ready to be inspired daily by stories of hope, healing and empowerment.