What to Pack for Travel and Yoga in Goa

What to Pack for Travel and Yoga in Goa:- Fantastic seafood, nightlife, beaches, and beach parties Goa is famous for wildlife.  Every year thousands of tourist flocks from the world visit this serene beauty. Even though people come to Goa for fun at beaches but also love to practice Yoga on beaches. With pleasure, people also start taking an interest in Yoga, and Goa is an apt place for it. That why  Many yoga Schools have begun Yoga Teacher Training In Goa to serve the purpose.

What to Pack for Travel and Yoga in Goa

So you have decided to travel to Goa for your Yoga Teacher Training. Yoga teacher training won’t require you many heavy loads of shoes, camping gear, and all. If you are coming to Goa for your YTTC, you are good with light and comfy clothes.

Still, We have listed some essentials that you might want for your YTTC in Goa:

Yoga Mat and Yoga Towel: Though many schools provide you yoga mats, they are not always of excellent quality. So if you don’t prefer using old and rugged yoga mats and traveling for a long time for your training, you should buy your yoga mat.

Breathable yoga Wear:

Since India is humid and you will sweat like anything in your Yoga session, it is essential to bring appropriate and breathable Yoga Wear.  Which is comfortable and breathable at the same time.

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A Travel Journal

You have come for YTTC, so you have to write a lot of notes regarding your yoga sessions, and also want to jot down some personal travel experiences while you are in Goa. So bring at least one journal to write down the important thing.

A Sarong :

For people who don’t know what, Sarong is a large thin piece of cloth that can be used to wrap around your waist. Bring one when you are practicing Yoga in Goa. You can use it as cover while doing Shavasana, and you can also use it as a mat to sit in the sand and for many other yogic ceremonies.

 Travel and Yoga in Goa

Your Healthy Snacks :

Though your Yoga school provides you meals in your course duration, keeping some healthy snacks helps you relieve those in-between hunger pangs.

Some Local Currency:

Though for some, it might not sound that important as in India, generally all banks have cash exchange, but still, it comes in handy while traveling to the local market or strolling on the beach.

Face Wipes: Goa is very humid, and also, when you are doing Yoga, it comes in handy to remove any sweat and dirt from your skin.

Own Water Bottles and some Additional Supplements:

 Always bring your water bottles, so you don’t have to ask for bottled water every time you thirst. You can refill them in your yoga school for your purposes. It is always essential to have some Iron and magnesium sulfate or some probiotics as you might get stomach issues after consuming Goa’s spicy food.

And last but not the least Camera:

Goa is full of serene beauty, beaches, Portuguese architecture, and color entire vibrant atmosphere. Having a camera lets you keep those beautiful memories captured for the Longest Time.