Yoga for Stress Management

Top Five Benefits of Yoga For Stress Management

Yoga for Stress Management:- In today’s fast-paced world, it’s sad that stress is common among the young and the old. Many people around us succumb to depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies, and in extreme cases, they also resort to violence. It’s even alarming that heart attacks are also on the rise among the youth.

Isn’t there a way out from this?

Yes, definitely! And that’s where the practice of holistic stress management techniques like yoga and meditation plays a significant role. No wonder millions worldwide had already made it their daily practice!

Let’s see how the practice can help us manage stress:

  1. Lowers Stress Hormones:

The hormones adrenaline and cortisol are needed when you are running away from the claws of an attacking tiger. Yes, these stress hormones then make your heart beat fast and prepare your muscles in your limbs, to run away from the danger. But what if your body triggers these hormones, even with no tiger?

Yes, that happens in our body when stressed, and when these hormones are produced in excess, it takes a toll on our health. Adverse events in the external world are beyond our control. And sometimes, they influence us so strongly that we fall prey to anxiety.

As per several studies, practicing yoga and meditation reduces stress hormones and has a calming effect on the body and mind. Many people had embraced the practice during the most stressful times of their life and found solace in it. Why not make it a part of your daily practice as well?

Yoga for Stress Management
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  1. Improved Quality of Sleep:

Sleep is of at most importance when it comes to managing stress. Nowadays, insomnia (a condition associated with the inability to sleep) is quite common. Here yoga can come to the rescue.


A hormone named melatonin is responsible for the body’s natural sleep rhythm. And it’s found that practicing yoga improves melatonin levels which in turn helps our body to fall asleep at night. Specific asanas like child pose, corpse pose, etc., are found to be quite effective for getting good sleep quality. They have a soothing effect on the nervous system.

  1. Effects on Vagus Nerve:

The Vagus nerve gained popularity due to its calming effect on the mind when activated. It’s a nerve generated from the brain, which extends through the face and neck to the chest and diaphragm region. Yoga activates the vagus nerve (e.g., practices like brahmari pranayama and deep breathing) and relaxes the body and mind, thus reducing stress.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Heart Attacks:

We sit for long hours glued to our digital devices (due to the nature of our work or poor lifestyle), depriving the body of any form of physical exercise. This leads to poor weight control. Along with stress, obesity is another factor that increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It causes structural changes in the heart. At times, obesity is also associated with stress (emotional eating when stressed). Also, the excess stress hormones in the body contract the arteries in the heart, thus increasing the risk of a heart attack.

There are indeed several studies conducted which show the positive effect of yoga on various factors associated with cardiovascular health. Practicing yoga is good for your heart, balancing blood pressure, and improving your lipid profile. And needless to say, the asana practice in yoga is an excellent physical exercise.

  1. Connecting with Yourself at a Deeper Level:

Stress happens when we are carried away from ourselves by external events. Once you set a holistic practice like yoga and meditation in your routine, it helps you de-stress and deepen your connection with yourself. It heals and rejuvenates you. It deepens your mind-body-breath awareness and helps you deal with life in a better way. Your time on your yoga mat is indeed quality time with yourself.

Today most of us are busy with our work and life that we seldom take time for our well-being. A self-care routine for cleansing ourselves in the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms helps us in the long term. Many of us are unaware of holistic self-care rituals, which are simple to follow daily. Let’s add yoga and meditation to our routine and inspire others to start their wellness journey.

Because “Health is Wealth!”

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