How yoga help to cure depression?

Depression is a growing concern in contemporary society. Hectic work schedule, lack of socialism, too much of stress, etc., are the prominent reasons behind this. Depression is like a state where the person dies from within even being alive or breathing. However, this can be well treated through yoga. Given below is the list of the best yoga for depression and the reasons behind those.

Anulom Vilom:

Anulom Vilom is the most effective breathing technique that one should practice every day. This is one of the finest yoga or mental health, which is also known for its more significant effect in controlling the blood pressure and rejuvenating the cells by providing them the fresh oxygen. It releases the stress, which is naturally a reason that heals depression from within.

Surya Namaskar:

Various poses associated with Surya Namaskar are the best yoga asanas for anxiety and depression. These poses release the joints from every portion of the body and bring extremely positive vibes within the organization. It brings perfection with hormonal balance and also improves the fitness level. Naturally, the person feels confident. And, depression is obvious to get extinct once a person gets back its confidence.


One of the prominent reasons behind depression is that the concerned person’s mind doesn’t remain at the perfect state of tranquility. He/she goes through an original state of mind, full of negativity and loneliness. Bhramri is one of the most effective yoga poses for anxiety and stress as it brings perfect balance into the account. It improves the concentration power of the person and incredibly activates the brain cells. Especially, bhramri is like a must recommendation for teen and youth. It is an excellent recommendation for the school going kids as well.


Meditation is like the gateway to be immortal. It’s the path through which a person can enter into the world of infinite joy and happiness. Yoga meditation for depression has a proven effect. Many victims of depression have been thoroughly cured through consistent practice of meditation. No matter you are in a recession or not, meditation is a must recommendation for every human being. Once reached the ultimate state of meditation, the person feels thoroughly accomplished about this human life. It’s the way to realize the greatness of this life. The person’s heart gets filled with infinite gratitude and satisfaction. And, if you are going to start meditating, a yoga retreat in Goa can be the perfect recommendation, to begin with. Otherwise, you may join any holiday yoga training in Goa for experiencing the same advantages.


Savasana is also pretty much a form of meditation. It can be termed as one of the purest ways of meditation, especially for beginners. And indeed, this is considered the best yoga therapy for depression. Here the person is taught to come down into a state of complete relaxation. She/he is taught about how to bring control over the thoughts, emotions, or merely the worries those are troubling him/her despite his/her wish.