Become a Certified Yoga Teacher

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher:- Yoga has become fashionable today so congratulation that you have decided to become a certified yoga teacher. Although it seems like a daunting task, it is not. Instead, it is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. So if you are passionate about yoga and hope to spread its numerous benefits, then you are a perfect candidate for becoming a yoga teacher. But before registering yourself for your upcoming yoga teacher training program, you should know about these things.

Choose a program that is a yoga alliance certified:

If you are willing to teach yoga on a global platform, you need to choose a yoga training program recognized with the yoga alliance. Yoga Alliance is an organization that has set guidelines for all yoga school and teacher. There is a wide array of teacher training program available across the globe which provides certification in various style of yoga.

Anyone who completed their yoga training program from a registered yoga school is eligible to apply for RYT certification. There are several levels of accreditation that depend on the type, of course, you have opted.

Where you want to do your training:

That is totally up to you and your budget where you want to do your yoga training. If you have sufficient budget to go overseas than, of course, you can go to Bali and other places. There you will get a luxurious yoga ttc alongside your certification. You will able to explore the different culture altogether and meet people of varying ethnicity during your yoga course.

However, if you are on a tight budget and still want to go for your yoga training, the best option is to go for yoga teacher training in Goa, India. India is a place where yoga was born, and you will be able to learn from a yoga master who has dedicated their whole life to the teaching of yoga.

If you are skeptical about the strict environment of an ashram, then you can opt for yoga teacher training in Goa. Here you will learn yoga in a very relaxed environment near the scenic beaches of Goa.  Goa is one of the most preferred locations for many people for yoga ttc. Relaxed atmosphere, beautiful beaches of Arambol made it a perfect place of your yoga training.

Place for Yoga

Go for a training program:

As we have stated that there are many programs available, yet most people embark their yoga teacher journey with 200-hour yoga teacher training. In a 200 hour program, you will cover a lot of material. You will learn about asana, meditation, yogic anatomy, philosophy, teaching method, and many more. So it is essential to choose wisely that from where are you going to complete your 200-hour YTTC as there are so many yoga schools who provide the same curriculum.

It is an intensive month-long training program, so go through every single detail before choosing a yoga school. After completion of your 200-hour training, you can go for an advanced course of 300 hours or 500-hour yoga ttc.

Get yourself registered:

After the completion of your yoga teacher training, get yourself registered with yoga alliance. Since you have completed your training from registered yoga school; all you have to do is to go on yoga alliance website and get yourself registered as 200-hour RYT. It will enable you to teach yoga as a certified teacher on a global platform.

Practice as much as you can:

 Taking your teacher training is the first step towards your yogic journey, but to become a successful yoga teacher, you have to build that confidence to stand out there as a teacher. So make a schedule for yourself and practice daily.  After completion of your 200-hour training, you will learn that what you have known is very little about the vast knowledge of yoga.

To become a great yoga teacher:

Getting your certification done is the first step towards becoming a yoga teacher, so explore as much as you can about yoga. Join workshops, learn, and read about yoga. Yoga is way more beyond yoga asana, it is a way of life, so learn every aspect of it. Start from the small group even if it is one student but teach what you have learned in your yoga class and from your practice. It will build your confidence as a yoga teacher.

Remember that to become a successful yoga teacher; you have to know every little detail about every yoga pose, how your body is going to feel when you will enter into that pose. To become a student first before aiming to become a good yoga teacher and good luck with your upcoming yogic journey.


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