Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (Useful tips and tricks from experts)

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training:- Vinyasa yoga is one of the most popular forms of yoga that is also called flow yoga because of the smooth ways how poses run together. It has a significant benefit, like strength, balance, and flexibility. The word vinyasa is translated from a Sanskrit word ‘Nyasa’ that means to place and ‘vi’ in a unique way which explains how much emphasis it gave to the movement of postures.

In Vinyasa flow of yoga, your every movement is in the synchronization of the breath. In vinyasa flow, there is much emphasis on your breathing, on which the flow of your move is based. People often confused it with power yoga. Unlike Bikram yoga and Ashtanga yoga, there is no set sequence of yoga asana. This variable nature of vinyasa yoga helps in developing a more balanced body and prevents you from the injuries that may occur to you while doing the same movement every day.

What to expect from your vinyasa yoga teacher training?

When we talk about Vinyasa yoga teacher training, it is like a well-choreographed danced sequence in which practitioner flow from one yoga posture to another. Neither you can hold any poses and bend for long, nor you can break the rhythm. It is not an everyone cup of tea, but yet it is most versatile this yoga flow can be. Vinyasa flow has a lot of variety, but one common thing is the sun salutation sequence. While this style may take years to perfect that leaves you with an excellent feeling of stirring up of storm of energy inside of you. Remember that vinyasa yoga is all about is to move purposely with intention by observing asana. Vinyasa is a fast-paced, challenging style, but it also ensures endless fun with the fluid nature of yoga poses.

Vinyasa Yoga Student of AYM

Here are the few things you should know about Vinyasa flow yoga TTC:

It is not about flowing poses:

Vinyasa yoga is not about the sequence of flowing yoga poses that make you sweat you like crazy, but vinyasa yoga is a subtle, beautiful, and gentler form of exercise. Yoga is about getting to know yourself better and learning how to love yourself.

It is all about your internal organs:

Vinyasa yoga is all about improving your blood circulation and alleviating any congestion in your internals organs. If you are beginners, then it is best to appropriate to focus stretching and strengthening in the earlier. When your muscles are open, then turn your practice towards the opening of your joints.

Don’t strain too hard on yourself:

In your vinyasa flow, there are many backbend and forward bend. We know that these yoga postures can be very tricky; there might be a chance that you may not be able to touch your feet. If your muscles are not opened yet then, you might feel a little constriction in your ankles, and your heels feel little niggling over the mat. It is okay, don’t strain your ankle that hard, your goal should be mastering the vinyasa flow without hurting yourself.

Vinyasa is like a moving meditation:

Vinyasa flow is like a dynamic form of meditation. When your body moves to the flow of yoga asana while breathing, it stabilizes your mind as it provides you the something to focus. In vinyasa yoga, your entire focus is on your breath; hence, it made vinyasa highly meditation and stabilizing yoga.

Feel free to make any adjustment:

We know that everybody wants to master those willowy yoga poses in their yoga teacher training curriculum but get over from it. Instead of perfecting every sequence, focus your attention to learn correct alignment. In vinyasa flow of yoga, importance should be given to maintaining the pace and dynamism of yoga sequence.

Listen to your teacher:

In vinyasa yoga class, there is room for everyone to grow as it offers a lot of variety. So whether the quality is alignment oriented or fast or slow, it depends on your teacher. A good teacher should be enough to experience to assess the group and have the skill to make any necessary adjustment. In AYM yoga school in Goa teacher considers individuals first in vinyasa yoga teacher training whether they are a beginner or have an injury and cater them according to their need. The teacher ensures to make any modification to provide everyone a challenging yet fun and enlightening experience.