Meditation Practices You Need to Know

Meditation is the way to know the secret of life. Meditation introduces the person with its soul and the real inner being. The person at the final state of meditation enjoys/experiences the ultimate fountain of love. In other word, the real essence of human life becomes fulfilled upon practicing meditation. However, it’s indeed a fact that meditation requires adequate passion and consistent practice for the practitioner to be successful. There are various techniques of meditation recommended for different groups of people, as per there convenience. On this context, given below are some of the basic and best meditation techniques that can help a practitioner in reaching the highest state of it.

Chanting Om:

This is one of the most recommended meditation exercises for the beginners as well as the experienced groups. “Om” is the universal chant to reach the god. It has also been scientifically proved that the positive vibes of “OM” has significant effects and bring magical transformation in the person. Chanting Om clears the mind, helping in boosting concentration. This is the best way for someone who is struggling to control a fickle mind. No doubt this way of meditation can deliver all those meditation benefits that one would have got from other methods.

Counting Mala:

Don’t worry if you think some of the meditation steps and tips are too tough for you. There are more straightforward ways like counting mala is there to deliver the same benefit in a much easier fashion. The concept of counting mala is basically to not allow the mind from getting diverted to different objects. This is an excellent technique for beginners.

Closed eye Vriksasana:

Yoga and meditation are like the two sides of one coin. Both are inter-related. The mind can only be stable when the body remains in harmony. Where yoga is about bringing the body in balance, meditation is to calm down the mind. Hence, it can be realized that each yoga pose has a beautiful blend of meditation. However, some of the poses like vriksaana are considered the best yoga meditation for beginners. Here you have to stand on one leg, with the feet of the other leg pressing the knee portion of the shank on which you stand. Both the hands are raised and folded or made Namaste pose.


Mindfulness meditation is like the ultimate state of meditation that relaxes the practitioner in the best fashion. This meditation technique is incredible in terms of bringing magical positivity within. Hence, it is considered the best morning meditation as the person remains positive and relaxed for the entire day after practicing this. The concept of this is pretty simple. It’s about taking the state of mind to the simplest being. It’s about being at the very present moment, where nothing is happening, or where there is no worry. Initially, it is taught that all sorts of disturbances of mind are either about the past events that have occurred or about being anxious about the future. Gradually, the person manages to relax the brain, and ultimately reaches that molecular level, after which he gets that he is not just the body. The consciousness is everywhere, or he is the integral part of this universe that spreads everywhere.

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