Yoga Asanas for Paralysis

Yoga Asanas for Paralysis

Yoga Asanas for Paralysis is The very unfortunate state of body, where the person’s muscles and nervous system of a specific part, or the entire body, doesn’t respond.

Yoga Asanas for Paralysis

So Therefore Here are some Yoga Asanas for Paralysis

Yoga Asanas for Paralysis


Naturally, the person can’t move smoothly in such occasions.
It is obvious for the person to be dependent upon others for day-to-day aspects.

Its therapeutic ways are also quite enduring. Though certain temporary paralysis states can be cured, but some paralysis cases hold permanent effects.

Basically, the person fails to receive the signals from the brains through the nervous systems or the sensory organs.

Though in most cases paralysis occurs due to accidents or as the after-effects of certain other disease, it has been also seen to be occurring due to lasting weakness for any reason.

There are indeed therapeutic ways available for the disease, and also are there various options of surgical operations.

But, it’s a fact at the same time that none of these can be absolutely guaranteed.
However, yoga exercise for paralysis patient is indeed hugely popular in contemporary times.

To be specific, yoga exercise for stroke patients with paralysis has been quite effective. One can try these poses along their on-going medicinal therapies as well.

The best part, yoga has been incredible in terms of delivering quick outputs.

Anyway, given below are some of the fantastic yoga poses recommended for the paralysis attack treatment.
Yoga for paralysis patients

Tadasana :
Tadasana improves the blood flow and strengthens the nervous system of the body.

  • You simply have to stretch the body by standing on your forefoot, and stretching both the hands up with twisting the fingers.

Natarajasana :
Practising Natarajasana poses is one of the most effective methods of paralysis cure by yoga.

  • Well, the paralytic person should take the help of others or the trainers while executing this.
  • Here, you have to bend one leg from the knee and hold the feet with one hand.
  • Face front, and keep the hand straight in horizontal direction, keeping it parallel to the body.
  • The best recommendation would be to practice this as soon as you get the symptoms of paralysis.

Marjariasana :
Marjariasana is a well-known yoga for paralysis treatment. This is pretty much a simple pose that can be tried easy at home.

  • To start with, first sit in vajrasana pose, and then make your back straight to stand on the knees.
  • Now bend forward keeping the hands rest on the ground. Keep the head up and then look down from the position, so the chin rests on the chest.
  • This is a very good yoga for recovery from paralysis, especially when the person is given other treatments as well.

Virasana :
Virasana is a must recommendation for people suffering from paralysis.

  • The pose improves the condition in a noteworthy fashion upon strengthening the nerves and enhancing the blood flow.
  • It’s quite equivalent to vajrasana sit, except here the feet remains in a wider position.
  • The beginners are advised to join yoga training programs for paralysis, for a better understanding of its difference with vajrasana.

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