5 Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses That Will Open Hearts and Minds

There is indeed no age discrimination for yoga. One can start this at any phase of his/her life. However, it’s no doubt a great idea to make the kids habituated of yoga from a very young age. Childhood is the perfect phase to groom talents. Yoga and breathing techniques perfectly nourish such skills upon sharpening the mind and offering them a fitter body. They don’t get fickle.

Moreover, such early-age practices broaden their heart and mindset. Find out below an excellent compilation of simple poses recommended for your child to start with. This helps your child pose yoga, no matter how to touch it is, with perfection in the future and has greater benefits.


It’s one of the easy yoga poses for kids that they can try at any age. It would be even better if your child learns this through kids’ yoga classes. Anyway, this simple technique can be easily executed.  This is a very good exercise for the knees. To start with, stand straight taking both the hands up and folded. Now stretch one of the legs back from the same state so that only the fingers of the same leg would be touching the ground. As a result, the other leg would be bent from the knee. Keep the face-up.


Ustrasana is one of the easiest yet effective yoga exercises that the parents must make their child learn. It broadens the chest, makes the hands stronger. The pose doesn’t allow accumulation of fats at the lower belly regions. To start with, spread the children’s yoga mat, and sit in a Vajrayana pose for a few minutes. Now make your back straight, and hold the heels, taking both the hands back. The face should remain up. It would be better to join the kid’s yoga teaching school to learn the technique with perfection.


Vriksasana is one of the finest yoga asanas for kids to improve their concentration power. All that it needs is to stand on one leg, with the foot of the other leg resting with support of the knee of the leg on which you have stood. Take both the hands up and make it folded. If you are looking for easy yoga for children that are good for their body and mind, vipassana is the perfect one to try. It is also a good yoga pose for students.


Tadasana is one of the most recommended yoga poses for children to improve their growth and height. This is indeed the easiest yoga poses for kids for height growth. At the same time, it is a good exercise for knees, and thighs as well.


Blasana or yoga baby pose is a very good way to strengthen the thighs, hips, ankles, etc, helping them for better growth. For its external appearance, it is called Balasana or yoga child pose. One can start this from sitting in vajrasana pose, and then bending forward, making the forehead touching the ground. Both the hands should be at either side of the thighs. This is one of the best yoga positions for kids to improve flexibility. Well, following the yoga sequence for kids as explained above, one can easily get a better body and mind.

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