Three Cleansing Exercises to Start Your Day Like a Yogi



Yoga should be the integral part of every human’s life. Good to see that many have already made it an integral part. Anyway, yoga is a pretty broad term that can’t just be confined within the poses or the asanas. It also includes the breathing techniques and cleansing exercises. Presented below is the line-up of 3 cleansing exercises to keep you disease free.

Sinus Cleanse –

One must learn this technique upon joining a certified 3 day cleanse program. Take one cup of mineral water in your palm and inhale the water within the nose. It is important to note that you should only take it up to the brow; not beyond that. Moreover, make sure not to insert water coming directly from the tap. Do repeat the action for a few times.

This three day cleanse technique eradicates the dust particles and pollutants those come on the way of your breathing. At the same time, it makes the path of air apparent, resulting in to better breathing. It would be even better if you follow 3 day detox diet plan while practicing this technique. This practice can also be done by using a neti pot.

Tongue Scraping 

This is another three day cleanse technique that one must learn to stay healthy. You have to use a tongue scraper for this that has to be moved from the back of the tongue to the frontal portion for taking the bacteria out from the tongue surface. It’s not too difficult though to find these tongue scrappers as one can easily get it from the contemporary pharmaceutical stores.

This is specifically effective to remove the white patches or the yellowish patches marked over the tongue surface. According to traditional Indian therapeutic science Ayurveda, such coatings are made up of toxic agents those affect the functionality of digestion system. In fact, excess deposition of these toxic agents called amma can lead to weight-gain, lack of strength, unusual appetite, etc. Hence, it is recommended to follow tongue scrapping even prior starting your morning yoga exercise.

Eye Wash –

To start with the technique, you have to take purified water in your palm as mentioned above. Now take your eyes down to the hands and just open and close in to the water. Keep on the process for a several times. This is also one of the techniques you must do immediately after waking up, and prior starting your yoga exercise. It helps significantly in removal of the toxic agents within, and at the same time maintains the moisture level of the eye, which is considered very essential for people those who have to spend long hours in front of computers. This method can improve your eye power significantly as well. In fact, it has been seen in many occasions where people have stopped using glasses upon consistently practicing this method.

However, as of the above mentioned 3 cleanse exercise, this one also should be first properly learnt by an expert with years of experience in practicing this.



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