Yoga asanas should be done during the solar eclipse

Well, the benefits of yoga and meditations are highly known to everyone. But, it has been observed that, by performing yoga during the solar eclipse, can profoundly enhance the benefits. According to the experts, during the solar eclipse, the earth regains its power. A new moon is also maintained in the universe, which profoundly affects both physical and mental conditions of the humans. So, a lot of restrictions are being kept during the solar eclipse to avoid unnecessary circumstances.

Recently, some researchers have confirmed that, by performing yoga in a solar eclipse, can lead to a hidden path, which is connected to the ultimate source of life. The meaning of life will be much clear to the individuals who will prefer to practice yoga during the eclipse. With the birth of a new moon, a new spirit will also touch the individuals during the solar eclipse. Thus, to avail both mental and spiritual stability, it is highly recommended to practice the following yoga asanas for the eclipse.

Important yoga asanas for solar eclipse –

  •   Kapalabhati – During the eclipse fitness level is profoundly affected, as the atmosphere changes its color. An environment of suffocation is developed because of the new moon. In such conditions, it is highly recommended to take good care of breathing. By practicing kapalbhati, the breath can be maintained at a reasonable level. Again, great peace can be availed for the mind.
  • Surya Namaskar – During the solar eclipse, the moon covers the sun. Thus, an atmosphere of darkness is maintained. To respect the drowning sun, it is recommended to practice Surya Namaskar. By practicing this yoga, can profoundly enhance the spiritual power of an individual. Also, the individual can feel a unique relationship between his mind and soul. Well, it will be great if this yoga will be practiced for five times.
  • Gomukhasana – By performing this yoga asana, the blood circulation in the body will be highly enhanced. During the eclipse, there are some chances of being unconscious. But with gomikhasana, those risks are highly reduced. Again, a fit body with good blood circulation is ensured. It is recommended to practice this yoga for up to 10 – 15 breaths.
  • Savasana – Some experts say that negative thoughts start to flow in mind because of the eclipse. Thus, it is essential to maintain good peace within the brain. By performing Savasana, the flow of negative energy in the body is highly reduced. So, Savasana is highly recommended.
  • Meditation – During the eclipse, the universe is changing, and a new moon is being born. This is the time when all the hidden secrets of the world are open. Thus, it is highly recommended to adopt a deep meditation to grab the dark secrets of life and soul.

Thus, to enhance the power of both spirituality and mentality during eclipse yoga practices are highly recommended.

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