Celebration of International Yoga Festival 2017 in India



International Yoga Festival is all set to rock the world. Like last year, this year also the festivity is going to be led by India in a euphoric way. Well, though the whole world celebrates International Yoga Day, but India will always be on highlight. On this context, given below are some speculations of events those are expected to make the celebration memorable in India.

Celebration led by the PM himself:

India was on the top of the celebration for international day of yoga last year for the direct involvement of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Something similar is quite expected this year as well. Being known as one of the ardent fan and a regular practitioner of yoga, Mr. Modi is expected to join again a record number of people this time as well, which is sure to be news making.

Schools and Colleges on a yoga spree:

If seen closely, the prime protagonists for whom the international yoga day 2017 is in so much of buzz are the youth. Most of the contemporary youth are attracted towards yoga for a good health. This makes them passionate to celebrate the special day for yoga with full of enthusiasm. Especially, the schools and colleges are sure to assign explicit sessions for the practice of yoga.

Involvement of celebrities:

India is quite obsessed with celebrities; be it about the film stars, cricketers, or the Olympians. Interestingly, yoga is a very popular among all these groups of people. It’s quite natural though as these groups of people have to be health conscious to compete at a professional level. Hence, international yoga day celebration in India is sure to full of glitz through active participation of these famous personalities.

Yoga in India for tourists:

India has started witnessing a great hike in number of tourists for yoga. A huge number of tourists fly to India throughout the year to learn yoga. This has made the number of yoga resorts and yoga institutions in India increase in a significant fashion. Naturally, international yoga festival India is going to be much more enchanting for them, adding even stronger reasons to fly down to India. Especially, the destinations like Goa are expected to be in full focus. There are a great number of yoga resorts in Goa, which will leave no stone unturned in celebrating the event with full of enthusiasm. In short, Goa international yoga festival celebration is going to grander this time.

Attention from foreign media:

India yoga has been always in foreign media. There are many well known Hollywood celebrities and businessmen are ardent fans of Indian culture and the yoga. These personalities are sure to have special message for yoga world 2017 celebration. This is going to excite their fans, as well as the yoga enthusiasts from around the globe on the yoga festival day.

Apart from all these noted destinations, Indian parks on 21 June yoga day will be full of yoga vibes by the practitioners of all ages, making it special.


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