Yoga Asanas to Increase the Stamina



Yoga since earlier ancient times is the most powerful thing that helps to transform the human mind, body, and soul. For that reason, it is, considered as one of the best as well as powerful methods by which an individual can be able to enhance the stamina. But on the flip side people basically, think opposite when it comes to yoga. People usually think that yoga refers to chanting and sitting like a monk or nun.

On the contrary, yoga is the process that helps de-stressing the individual by building their strength and stamina out of their duties in their professional lives. Thus in this hectic schedule, an individual always pays attention towards the enhancement of tranquillity which can only be possible by yoga. Thus few tips to increase stamina in day to day busy schedule are:


This one of the important asanas which provides stamina to the area above and below the buttocks. In that manner it provides strength to hold it long in shape of a boat. This pose is called as the boat pose which also helps in shredding off extra fat from body.


This child pose is one of the mostly used yoga poses to boost your stamina. The reason behind is its effectiveness in healing the back pain by stretching the back and spine. It can be done by sitting on buttocks with folded legs like children by trying to touch the ground with palm and nose.

Straddle Pose:

This yoga pose provides relief from the pain going on in the thighs. For this you need to, carry out by stretching the legs part as much as possible by keeping the hands in parallel position in between the stretched legs for more than five minutes. It is one of the important pose of yoga for stamina increase.

Bridge Pose:

This is the yoga asana that is done by lying in erect position on the ground. By placing the hand on ground the whole body and waist should be raised upwards and hold for about five minutes. It helps in enhancing stamina along with stretching neck, back and pine.


It is carried out by standing straight and bending on knees and feet to 30 degree position. It helps in accumulating immense stamina.


This crane pose is supposed to focus on the increase in balance in between the arms. It is carried out by keeping the arms straight on the ground and bending the knees the body is raised to the position of a dog resting on bottoms. In this position the arms should come in between the thighs and hold for five minutes. It is the yoga pose that enhances stamina as well as flexibility. For that reason this yoga pose is considered to be the best yoga to increase running stamina.


The headstand pose is carried out by doing vajrasana with hands and then bolstering the head and listing the legs straight in the air. It enhances the stamina by making brain sharp.


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