How Yoga helps in Soul Awakening



If you know Yoga to its true essence, you know it well that it is something much beyond the physical poses. No doubt, good physical health is always very important, considering the fact that a healthy mind is impossible without it. The prime aim of every yoga practitioner thus should be to bring the body and mind in harmony, which leads the practitioner on the way of enlightenment or soul awakening.

Yoga and the soul/ spirituality:

It’s already the time when the humans need to mark the difference between the relevance of religious activities and spirituality. People in contemporary times are too eager to know about the life after spiritual awakening, but, when it comes about doing the needful practices to realize the same, they stick only with the traditional religious practices. Religious practices are said to create devotion. Devotion comes when you really feel gratitude, and gratitude generates love.

However, the true devotion or gratitude for this precious life comes only when you have attained the internal bliss. In other words, you need to connect with the soul for the same. You have to realize that you are much beyond a mortal body. You have to realize that you are not here to be a victim of the mind every time, killing the intellect, no matter how wrong it suggests. Moreover, the confidence has to be developed that this mind can be brought in to control. As the mind gets calm truly, every doubt regarding the life gets solved spontaneously; every misery fades away, every negativity goes away, etc. This is true spirituality. You realize the happiness is within; you realize that a non-living body/technology, food, or just anything that the human sensory organs get satisfied with is not the happiness. Rather, happiness is everywhere if you see it in the eye of love. Such magical control over mind, sense, and brain, comes only when someone is spiritually awakened. And, there is no better way than yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and breathing technique to lead someone in the path of spiritual awakening process.

Yoga solves every doubt:

It’s good to see that the contemporary humans are not ready to accept anything without proof. Especially, when it comes about spirituality, people quite aggressively demand the proof. For example, if you say that a truly enlightened or awakened person has full control over his sensory organs, be it about eye, tongue or sex, and mind, they ask for proof. They look quite in a hurry about these things. They ask about the symptoms of awakening. Nothing better would be the answer for these people than yoga. They can spontaneously have their answers upon attaining the ultimate level of yoga.

It is important to understand that the true bliss, enlightenment, love or spirituality is a matter of feel that one can get only when the mind is pure. On the other hand, everything bodily matter has its own impact on mind. What we eat, we listen, and we see, etc, all put impact on mind. All these excitement, anger, etc need to be calmed down. Someone with firm mind is actually the strongest and happiest. And, yoga for soul awakening is all about bringing the person to this state.


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