Yoga helps to increase eyesight

The human eye is considered as nature’s most sophisticated camera. Several yoga poses are focused on enhancing the better functioning of the eyes. Nowadays, if you see, a large part of the world’s total population suffers from the two severe eye conditions at variant degrees, Myopia and Hypermetropia.

Some people have a common misbelief that wearing contact glasses would cure their eye problem. However, this is just a myth. Using high power glasses would worsen the condition over time. This means that people should make use of their glasses only when they need it to the utmost instead of wearing it every time which they usually do. The Yoga eye exercises can effectively alleviate these eye conditions by providing better eye functioning without actually stressing about wearing glasses.

Most of the eye disorders other than Cataract and Glaucoma are related to the malfunctioning of the eye muscles that are the result of severe emotional or mental stress. Eye stress can produce a feeling of anxiety and tension due to the connection of the eye to the brain through the optic nerve.

Some of the simple yet effective exercises of yoga for eyesight are listed below that will help you in overcoming your severe eye disorders if they are practiced attentively and regularly:

  1. Eye stretching exercise
  2. Palming exercise
  3. Blinking exercise
  4. Flexing exercise
  5. Focus switching exercise

Eye stretching exercise

It is essential to warm up before starting a task, so, in the case of the eye exercises, stretching enhances the blood circulation to the eye region and reduces the risk of eye pains and eye aches that might come with the activities. Before starting with your eye exercises, you must begin with stretching the extraocular muscles. Practicing this exercise regularly is one of the best ways to improve eyesight for people who spend extended hours in front of the computer.

Palming exercise

Palming is essentially the essential exercises of them all. It is a simple way of relaxing your eyes and vision, which is an integral part of all the other natural vision techniques. It is generally not considered as an eye exercise. Instead, it is one of the age-old yoga eye exercises to improve vision and provide enormous vision improvement.

Cover your eyes with your palms and imagine the darkness getting black and intense black then rest in this position, for 5-7 minutes at least four times a day for improved eyesight.

Blinking exercise

On an average, an individual blink for about 15 times in a minute and blinking, for sure, comes naturally. It is an inbuilt, natural way to enhance your visual acuity. Blinking is a technique used for eye relaxation that undergoes strain while considering the overuse of laptops, TVs, mobiles in today’s life.

You are practicing this exercise continuously for a minute or two before bedtime helps you to attain better sleep. The continuously blinking of the eyes for a minute makes the eyes tired and lousy, thus making you sleep faster. It is one of the best poses of yoga for eyes to improve vision for the people who have insomnia.

Flexing Exercise

This simple yet effective eye exercise is done by looking up and rotating the eyeballs slowly in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. This beneficial pose of yoga for eyes to remove glasses helps in enhancing the eye’s flexibility, and it can be done with both open as well as closed eyes.

You can practice this exercise anywhere and everywhere. This is best to lower down the stress level while at the office. Practice this exercise for 8-10 times to make your eyes more charged up and active. Constantly rotating your eyes will help you keep the eye disorders away, and if practiced regularly, will gradually enhance your vision.

Focus switching

The eyes are made in such a way that they naturally tend changing the focus. When one becomes dependant on glasses, it makes the eyes lazy, and the eyes adapt to the environment, thus weakening the eyes’ natural tendency to focus on things. Focus switching is an exercise to close one eye and focus from another. This helps the eyes to build up stiff muscles and focus on things more effectively without using the glasses.

Foods that help in improving eyesight

Many healthy foods improve vision, such as carrots, Kale, Dairy products, egg yolks, citrus fruits like kiwi and oranges, whole grains, Brussels Sprouts, Spinach, Corn, green peppers, vegetable oils, sunflower seeds, etc. It is recommended by the doctors to add these healthy foods to your diet to improve eyesight.