How yoga can help to burn calories



Yoga has many advantages for mankind. However, the lion’s part of modern day practitioners are in to yoga, simply for burning the calories. Every health conscious human being knows it well about the serious health threats associated with calorie deposition. And, there is no better way than yoga for calorie burning.

Why yoga is so much effective to burn calorie:

Yoga is being preferred over weight lifting or similar gym based methodologies as yoga burn calories much faster. Moreover, its burning process is quite enduring in comparison with any other method. Yoga boosts the core strength of the body and perfects the metabolism rate. It means yoga based calorie burning process works both internally as well as on muscular level. There remains no involvement of simulators, hormones, or anything like that. The person gets his/her desired body in an absolutely safe and natural fashion.

On this context, the following fat burning yoga are must try on a regular basis for a significant outcome.


Dwichakrikasana is the most recommended yoga exercise to burn calorie in a hastening fashion. It can be tried by anyone, of any age group. The practitioner simply has to join both the legs, lift it from the waist keeping it straight, and whirl in clock and anti-clockwise direction. The person can rotate the legs in upward and downward direction as well, just like paddling. Calories burned yoga postures like this are much higher than any other natural method possible on this earth.

Chaturanga Dandasana:

Chaturanga Dandasana is a fine calorie burning yoga workout that can give you a flat tummy in no while. Here the practitioner has to keep the entire body parallel with the ground with support of palms, and foot tips and fingers pressing the ground. It significantly improves the core strength of the practitioner.


Yoga calories burned through the poses like Ustrasana has been always quite encouraging. The pose also takes the flexibility level of the practitioner to a new height. First the practitioner has to sit in vajrasana pose, and then lift the upper body straight. From this state, i.e. from kneel down state; the person has to take both the hands back and hold the top of the heels. The face remains in upward direction.


Sarvangasana is one of the most recommended yoga asanas to burn calories. Here the practitioner has to first sleep straight on the ground facing upward and keeping the legs straight. Now gradually with support of palms on the waist, the legs have to be lifted and kept perpendicular to the ground. Through the process, the body remains established on the shoulder and the arms (up to elbow). Stay for few minutes and gradually come back to the original state. Power yoga calories burned through such poses is pretty noteworthy.

Each of the poses mentioned above is quite proven in terms of its ability to boil down the excess fats. Making things interesting, ideas like yoga calorie calculator have also started surfacing. Well, the effects will be evident in very short while after practicing these poses; irrespective of you use calculator or not.




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