Quit Smoking through Yoga and Meditation

Smoking is dangerous for the adverse effects it puts on human health. However, it is comparatively more hazardous as humans despite knowing about its dangerous side don’t manage to get rid of quickly. People try various medications, spend a lot of money, join rehabilitation class, etc. But, the result is not often satisfactory. Such people are highly recommended to practice yoga and meditation.

Why Yoga and Meditation Are Such Relevant?

Yoga for quitting smoking is such relevant as it makes the person prepared to stop internally within the mind, as well as through body. It is essential to understand that smoking is dangerous as it affects the brain more. Despite knowing its adverse effect, the person doesn’t manage to quit the habit. Moreover, he/she doesn’t lead to gather confidence to quit this habit. In short, the person loses complete control over his mind on this aspect.

However, yoga, especially meditation, holds a magical effect on this context. It first brings the tranquility back in the mind of the person, and gradually develops positive energy. When the positive energy within the body raises, the hormonal imbalances, which forces the person to try such negative aspects to deal with challenges of life effectively is brought back into normalcy. The person’s blood pressure, oxygen supply level, etc. also come down to perfection.

Top Yoga Recommendations for Quitting Smoking

In general, the following yoga poses and breathing techniques are practiced at the quit smoking yoga campaign, along with meditation.


Anulom-Vilom is the most powerful breathing technique that can heal various issues of the body, starting from high-blood pressure, hypertension, cholesterol, stress, etc. It’s a simple technique; the practitioner has to breathe in and out in a synchronized fashion. Anulom-Vilom has quite a proven record in terms of smoking challenges.


Kapalbhati is another most effective ways to quit smoking. However, it is essential to mind that the pranayama should only be tried with an empty stomach. The breathing technique improves blood flow supply, brings blood pressure level under control, and also treats the stress issues.

Surya Namaskar:

If someone is asking for the yoga tips to quit smoking, Surya Namaskar should always be the first recommendation for him/her. The steps of Surya Namaskar rejuvenate the body of the practitioner from top to bottom. The best part about Surya Namaskar is the fact that it is the yoga form that improves concentration power, as well as develops the core strength.

Someone addicted to the smoking habit can feel way lot confident, healthy, positive, and happy from within, after consistently practicing Surya Namaskar. One can start gradually, and later with growing fitness, its efficiency can be increased.


Sarvangasana, as its name depicts, holds positive effects on all parts of the body organs and cells. This is the most effective pose to improve the blood flow rate to the brain cells. Sarvangasana is incredible as well in terms of developing the core strength of the practitioner. It has been one of the most recommended yoga poses for people suffering from smoking habits.

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