Yoga asanas everyone can do

Yoga has turned out to be one of the sensational terms at present. It has made the entire world go fitness enthusiastic. The primary reason behind yoga getting such popular is because of its mass acceptance. It has attracted someone hardcore fitness enthusiast who loves tough exercises as well as those who want the requisite poses only for smooth every day’s living. Presented below are some of such yoga asanas that everyone can do.

Adhomukha  Swanasana:

This is one of the basic yoga positions that anyone and everyone can try at home, without even needing a specialist guru. Here you have to stand straight, keep the distance from each other, and then bend down while balancing through both the hands. The chin should touch the chest. It is also one of the hatha yoga poses taught to those who take yoga teacher training.


If you are looking for the yoga poses and exercises that anyone can try and yet want the best results in little time, there will be no better recommendation than the dwichakrikasana. All you need is to sleep on the back, keeping the legs straight. Now lift both the legs from the waist and whirl in the air in clock and anti-clock direction. You can paddle as well in moving the leg up and down making circles in the air. It’s the best way possible on the earth to get a flat tummy in minimal time.


Vajrasana is known for its beneficial effect on better digestion. This is indeed one of the most beautiful yoga positions for beginners. It is the only pose that can be tried even after having a meal. Here you have to bend the legs from the knee and sit on your forelegs while keeping the palms on your thighs.


Trikonasana is one of those easy yoga practice and stretches anyone can try that. It is suitable for reducing fat and bringing the right balance in the body. Here you have to stand straight, then pull one of the legs the maximum you can. Now make one of the palms press the ground, keeping the hand straight, while the other side remains straight in the air. The vision should be at the fingertip of the hand in the air.

Chaturanga Dandasana:

This is a natural yoga for beginners. Here the entire body remains parallel to the ground being balanced by the forearms and the fingers of the legs touching the ground. Stay as much while you can at this state. It boosts core strength and gives you a flat tummy. This is one of the simple yoga poses and exercises to grab maximum benefit in minimum possible time.

Savasana and Yoga Nidra:

Savasana has been an integral part of vinyasa yoga to calm down the body and mind. Here you do nothing, but relieve the factors like stress, depression, etc. magically. It is pretty much meditation in its way. You may call it something similar to the Yoga Nidra as well.

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