Diet for people who do yoga



First of all, keeping things simple, diet for people who do yoga is something edible only, available on the earth. The Vedas, the inceptor of yoga says that every human being is absolutely free in terms of his/her eating habit. However, it is important at the same time to understand that each kind of food has its effects on body and mind. In addition, the food recommendations have to vary from people to people in accordance with their profession. On this context, the following abstracts explain about the nature of foods that it should be for people who do yoga, and the reasons behind it.

Yoga and diet is quite inter-related. As explained above, diet should be based on someone’s profession. For example, someone an athlete representing the nation has to take diets rich in protein content. But a yoga practitioner who doesn’t have to burn too many calories in his profession should prefer sattvic diet. In fact, every person in general life is recommended to go with sattvic diet only.

Categorizing the foods according to yoga

Sattvic foods mostly consist of vegan diets including vegetables, fruits, whole greens, clarified butter, fresh milk, and legumes. In case of cooked foods, those are consumed within three to four hours are also considered sattvic. On the other hand, the tamasic foods are the ones those make the body heavier or those which take comparatively more time for digestion. These include meat, garlic, fats, oils, sugary items, etc. Foods containing preservatives also fall under this category. These foods upon being taken in excess turn the mind stubborn, dull, and the body lethargic. Finally, the Rajasic foods are the ones those involve higher spice content, too hot like tea/coffee, too sour, etc. These foods make the body mind activated. It would be a better idea to visit the yoga schools and ask an expert for greater knowledge of yoga and health tips.

Food for a yogi:

It is now evident that a yogi should prefer organic food diet for yoga. So basically, it should be more on sattvic foods, with only the due content of rajasic foods for regular life working. In fact, a proper sattvic diet itself involves that little rajasic content as well. However, tamasic foods, especially meat should be avoided. It indeed makes the body heavy and lethargic and mind not-so active. Vedas suggest that one should go with vegan diets or those prepared with ahmisa (non-violence), unless it is for survival, for national responsibility, or getting healed.

Preparing the diet chart:

The best effect of yoga for health improvement can only be achieved if it is combined with proper diets. Yoga is about getting physically stronger, as well as to attain the ultimate tranquility in mind that develops the true intellect. As explained, sattvic foods help in getting the mind tranquil or while meditating. Sattvic foods contain due proportion of desired nutrients that keeps the body fit. It would be even better if you contact a dietician to know proper nutrition food for yoga practitioners. You can also Google about various foods those fall under sattvic category of different nutritional value, like protein, vitamin, mineral, etc, and prepare the best combination.


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