How to get rid of muscle soreness post workout through yoga?



Fitness is something we should always pay attention to. No one likes a pot belly with your favorite dress not fitting you anymore. Apart from having a flabby body, you suffer from various unwanted terminal diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure. Whichever art you practice to bring down your weight, be it Zumba or gym or yoga; practice it with passion under proper guidance.  But sometimes rather than providing you health benefits, these exercise forms can cause you pain if done wrong, especially if you push yourself too far.

Easy yoga poses for quick relief from muscle soreness:

Extreme muscle soreness can be a really uncomfortable situation. You won’t be able to perform your tasks without crying out from pain and eventually it might even de-motivate you from continuing your exercise routine further.

Now let’s take a look at some yoga poses that can successfully help you get rid of that post-workout sore muscles.

1- Standing Forward bend:

The forward bend targets your back muscle pain symptoms by reversing the blood flow from your upper body and arms. This pose helps relieve the pain in your calves as well as back by adequately stretching them out so they are not stiff anymore.

2- Camel Pose:

If your neck and shoulders and quadriceps are super tight and cause you discomfort, Camel pose is the best cure for muscle pain that radiates in the upper half of your back. Additionally, camel pose stretches your entire body once you get the hand of it thus liberating you from any kind of muscle soreness. This pose relieves the pressure from your back which makes it perfect for sore shoulders, arms, back, buttock and calves of your legs.

3- Extended Triangle pose:

The triangle pose isn’t too tough but for a starter that too with muscle pain it can be a difficult task especially if you have never worked on your flexibility. For the beginning, you can rest you arms over your legs and gradually try to reach the floor. Do not push yourself as it can hamper the muscle pain treatment and cause you more pain. It helps soften your hamstrings and improve their flexibility so that next time you work out, you won’t have excruciating pain. As the triangle pose works on the entire body and mostly your hips and shoulders, you can opt for this pose after your workout sessions at the gym. It also improves digestion.

4- Upward facing dog:

Most of the muscle soreness causes include improper practice, not drinking enough water and working on building muscles rather than introducing flexibility to it. The Upward facing dog will easily relieve you of muscle soreness and tension in your back by sending extra blood for to those specific parts. When you practice Upward facing dog, you stretch your abdominal, shoulders, and chest muscles by bringing them across the front of your body. This helps you place minimal pressure on your arms while giving you the benefit of stretching out your back which opens up your airways and increases your digestive power.

Exercise is an important part of our daily routine and should never be neglected. A shoulder which has never ever lifted a pen would definitely sore up when lifting heavy weights at a single go. Try to gradually increase the intensity of your workout and include a few yoga poses to get the dual benefit of flexibility and strength in your body and thereby avoiding muscle soreness or any unwanted pain.


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