Know Your Yoga Marma Points



The literal meaning of Marma is secret. These Marmas are the secret points in the human body where the vital energy, which drives the life, is stored. These crucial points can be found within the soft tissues, blood passages, tendons, etc. Marmas are also referred as the intersection point of the three doshas called the Batta, Pitta, and Kapha in the human body. Their intersection point or the Marma point is where the temporary body gets the timeless life force. The three doshas responsible for three types of characteristics called Satwika, Rajasika, and Tamasika in human get activated at the points.

Why are Marma Points such vital?

Treatments through Acupressure points are pretty popular around the globe. Marma point treatments are so much effective as these are the points of crucial life force. Not just in therapeutics, Marma points are also taken into account by the sportsmen as well for their purposes. For example, in certain forms of martial art, the fighters are trained to target the specific Marma point of the opponent. In fact, these martial art experts can completely immobilize, and even kill the opposition in no time, simply by targeting the right Marma point. Well, learning the art of targeting such vital point is certainly not easy as it needs years of practice. Moreover, only the responsible, cool-headed, or people with the highest level of intellect only are taught about these techniques.

Types of Marma Points in Body:

As explained above, the Marma points in the human body are spread across various parts. These points can be distinguished as per their position in the body. There are 22 such points in the arms and the legs. 3 Mamra points are there in the abdomen, and 37 in the neck. There are 9 such points in chest regions and at the back.

These Marma points can also be categorized as per the muscles. There are 10 points in the muscle, 23 points in ligaments, 9 in the arteries/veins, 20 in the joint, and 8 in the bones. Physiologically, the marma points can be categorized into 3 types called SanakhaMarma, MadhyamangaMarma, and the JatrudharaMarma. SanakhaMarmas are the ones situated at leg regions. MadhyamangaMarmas are situated at the chest region and the JatrudharaMarmais located at the collar regions.

These Marma points are often spotted in their respective finger positions. There are specific ways of measuring the Marma point as well. In general, these points are calculated or the right spot of it is detected as per finger units. Someone interested in Marma Therapy is essential to have this knowledge.

The exact point of the Marma at the specific part of the body can be located as per the calculation. The therapeutic methods involve sensationalizing the Marma points and thus getting the desired outcome as per it. People studying Marma therapy also learn how to activating the marma points.

Most crucial Marma points:

As explained, the marma points are spread across the body. However, the points around chest and head regions are considered the most crucial of all. Therefore, most of the therapeutic procedures involve activation of marma points of these regions. On the other hand, the points at the leg regions are least used in such therapeutic processes.

In case of injuries or any portion of the body getting affected, the Marma points often get affected. Hence, the person too feels the pain. However, through the therapies like MarmaAbhyanga, such soreness can be well treated.

Interesting here is to mention that the various Marma points in the body can be related with different Kundalini chakras of the human body. These Marma therapy procedures also involve stimulation in the chakras. Moreover, these bring perfect balance in three doshas of the human body.

Marma and Astrology

There is a significant relation between Marma and Astrology as well. Various Marma points can be linked with various planets.Marma points of Ayurveda also take such planetary movements into account in the therapeutic. In fact, certain therapies are regulated as per the planetary movements. For example, MarmaAbhyanga therapy is recommended only in the absence of sun, or in early morning or during sunset experienced therapist has to know all these aspects in detail.


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