Yoga asanas for allergy relief

Is it suffering from the allergies or any hypersensitive immune reactions inside the body? Is it feeling dizziness due to seasonal allergies? Yoga will be the ultimate medicine for all the kind of ailments started from allergic reactions. The allergies are considered to be the reaction that causes hypersensitivity within the immune system that shows explicitly many different types of symptoms with different individuals. Concerning that, the allergies occur due to the interference of many of the allergens that have maximum proximity to the human body. Thus the medical science came up with varieties of treatment for the allergies created within the human body.

In that context, the yoga for allergies will be able to define what precisely the allergies caused and what will be the effects of it. The reasons behind it are the common allergens that remain in very proximity to the human body such as dust, smoke, pollen, certain foods as well as chemicals, perfumes, and colors. There has been allergy treatment in Ayurveda and yoga since long. Based on the allergen that has caused the allergy, the person will carry out the yoga so that he or she can be relieved of it quickly. Therefore the treatment through yoga involves the yoga for a sinus headache, yoga skin allergy, and much more by which the exact causative of the disease can be diagnosed and treated naturally.

The primarily affected organs regarding the allergic reactions are the nose, sinuses, eyes, air passages, ears, skins, and the gastrointestinal tract. All of the mentioned organs show as different types of reactions when they get exposed to their particular kind of allergens by any means. During the allergic responses created in the nose, the symptoms are visible through the swelling of the mucosa, which in scientific term is known as the allergic rhinitis which results in the running nose as well as sneezing. It sometimes brings very embarrassing moments for the individual in various gatherings. Similarly, the allergic caused in sinuses are known to be allergic sinusitis.

When the individual feels any pain or feeling of fullness or numbness within the ear and gets the sense of impaired hearing due to the lack of the drainage in the Eustachian tube, it indicates the allergic spread within the ears. The most seen allergic reaction or the most common allergic reactions occur in the skin, which is very clearly observed through the rashes like eczema and hives. Similarly, the human body feels various kind of allergic reactions that occur in different parts. Therefore to restrict the foreign particles to enter inside the body, the immune system of the body need to be reliable and effective so that they can make a barrier for the entry of the pathogens. Thus Yoga provides that power to the immune system of the body so that it can be able to invade the foreign pathogens. Yoga represents various yoga poses which will help heal the allergic conditions and treat them with the natural inner power. Thus the yoga poses not only makes the allergens out of the body but also provides a stress-free life. Below are mentioned a few yoga poses which will be helpful for the organization for fighting with the foreign pathogens.

  • Kapalbhati Pranayama: This is the initial yoga exercises known from the decades. Its the process that has been practiced by many saints and many well-known personalities since long. It is known as the skull shining breath in which the body gets oxygenated, and in that manner, the entire body gets detoxifies. The respiratory system gets explicitly a transparent form of this pose, which has the allergens of asthma. It can be carried out by the sitting in the floor and carrying out deep inhalation and forceful exhalation, which is to be carried out for 15 minutes.
  • Marichyasana: It is the yoga pose known as the Mariachi’s Spinal Twist, which cures the food allergies, and in that manner, it removes the food allergens. It helps the stomach to digest the food better by improvising the allergic response of the body. This pose is carried out by sitting straight-legged on the floor and holding the spine straight and bending the right leg at the knee and pulling the right foot close to the right sit bone. It can be carried out vice versa.
  • Matsyasana: It specifically eliminates seasonal allergies and stabilizes the immune system. It is carried out is in the fish position which stimulates the thymus gland as well as regulates the lymphatic system. It is carried out by sitting cross-legged and bending backward.
  • Anuloma Viloma: It is another vital asanas that remove respiratory allergies by cleaning the respiratory system. It can be carried out by sitting calmly and closing the eyes — the deeply breathed by closing the left nostril with the ring finger. Then deeply exhaled with left nostril by closing the right nostril with the thumb. Same is again repeated vice versa.