Yoga asanas to prevent hair fall

A well-toned body with perfectly glowing skin look faded if there is no hair on your head. Strands give that final touch of beauty to a person. However, there are several reasons that contemporary people are suffering from new hair fall issues. Workload, hormonal imbalance, disordered lifestyle, untimed diet habits, drugs, smoking, anxiety, etc. are some of the prominent reasons behind early hair fall among men and women. Though there are various replacement techniques available, these are not suitable enough for a common man. In short, preventing the hair fall is still the best option available. Presented below are some of the best picks of yoga to avoid hair fall.


Utthansana is the best yoga for hair fall control. The pose improves blood flow to the brain and keeps the mind calm. To start with, first, stand straight and bend the upper body down. Keep the legs straight without bending the knees while making the upper body down. Make sure that both the hands remain at either side of the feet, with palms pressing the ground. You can breathe normally while being in the pose.


Vajrasana is an excellent choice of yoga for new hair growth, at the same time preventing the hair fall. The pose also improves digestion power and makes the thighs strong. For getting started with Vajrayana, first, sit on the ground keeping both the legs and the back straight. Now slowly bend the legs one after the other from the knee, and keep those under the thighs. The spine should remain straight, and the bums should be resting on the ankles. Keep the hands on the legs. The pose can be tried after having a meal as well.


If you are looking for practical hair problem solution yoga, Ustrasana would indeed be one of the most excellent recommendations to go with. The pose is fantastic to heal back pain problems as well, and also to cut the lower belly fat. It can be started from vajrasana pose. So, from Vajrayana pose, as explained above, lift your body from knee keeping the spine straight. Now take both the hands back so that the hands press the ankles. Te shoulder remains broadened, and the face bends back.


Sarvangasana is one of the most beautiful yoga asanas for hair growth. It has sound effects on each of the body parts. To start with the pose, sleep on a flat surface keeping the legs straight. Now lift both the legs jointly from the hip keeping it straight with support of hand on your back. Finally, come to a position where the entire body rests on your shoulder with the backing of arms, and the legs remain erect.


The pose is one of the most straightforward yoga for hair loss treatment. This can also be started from vajrasana state. All you need is to first get straight on your knees from the Vajrayana state, and then bend the body forward with hands down and palms pressing the ground. Make the chin touches the chest, and the vision should be down. Improving the blood flow to the brain, this becomes one of the best yoga for healthy hair.

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