Partner Yoga

5 ways Partner Yoga is an excellent idea for couples

Regular yoga practice suits all relationships because of its calming and happiness-boosting benefits. And it takes those benefits to the next level, primarily when you practice yoga with your partner. According to numerous scientific studies, love also directly affects our physical health by boosting our immune system, improving our cardiovascular functioning, and increasing our life expectancy.

Nowadays, couples are often too busy connecting, so partner yoga is the answer. Partner yoga is designed for the physical and psychological connection between you and another person. The poses are more about cultivating energy between you and your partner.

Partner Yoga

Here are the reasons why partner yoga is such a great idea.

  1. Yoga with a partner builds trust:

You and your partner can do a series of poses in partner yoga. It would be best to be in complete harmony, so you must trust each other. Your bodies must work in unison; one can only do that when putting complete faith in their partner.

  1. Partner Yoga brings a new level of intimacy:

Have you imagined yourself being in tune with your partner, breathing together? That kind of connection is rarely found nowadays because of many distractions. Practising partner yoga will allow you to cultivate intimacy due to constant touch and experience self-awareness. Another level of intimacy you will experience with your partner before and after you practice yoga together as you become one.

  1. A newfound sense of balance:

As time passed, we didn’t notice the imbalances in our relationships. These imbalances cultivate inside both partners. Eventually, they tore us apart. But by practising partner yoga together with our partner, we will learn to balance out the negative energy building inside us with much more positive energy. Through that, it will help in balancing the relationship. You may hit many bumps, but the negatives will not outweigh the positives.

  1. Experience the sensations of touch:

Partner yoga is centred around you and your partner’s touch. Your touch and hold on to your partner allows you to hold the position when you both come together to pose. It heightens your awareness of each other. You become more aware of each other’s physical and spiritual presence, bringing you closer together than ever before.

  1. It keeps things exciting and fun:

Sometimes, things get boring. That feeling is when you are stuck and don’t know what to do anymore with your partner. Partner yoga is an exciting and completely new experience that will leave a pleasant impression on both of you. It’s lots of touching and laughing and playing. Partner yoga helps keep things fun and creates an easy and light atmosphere that takes you back to an easier time, renewing the connection you once had.

We believe in the healing power of touch, the transformative power of connection through fun and playfulness, and the importance of making relationships sacred by giving them the time and energy they need to grow.

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