What are Yantra Yoga and its benefits

Yantra Yoga

Yantra Yoga and its benefits

Yantra means machine or device. This human body is also like Yantra we use to attain enlightenment. So literally, yantra yoga is the yoga form meant to attain the ultimate enlightenment using the human body and mind.  The specialty of Yantra yoga is that it provides both physical and spiritual benefit to the practitioner.

Yantra yoga is the oldest yoga form. The poses or the moves performed in this form of yoga are also unique in comparison with the others.

In general, the poses associated with this form of yoga are the perfect combination of physical movement and breathing techniques.

The perfection in this combination is meant to bring that proper harmony inside to energies the body and calm down the mind.

Maintaining the sequences right is vital in Yantra Yoga

As explained above, yantra meaning here basically is the human body.

  • The poses performed here look pretty akin to the traditional Hath yoga forms.
  • However, there is a significant difference between the two when it comes to execution.
  • Maintaining the proper sequence is essential in the case of Yantra yoga.
  • There are seven phases associated with Yantra yoga.

These seven phases are related to the different states of breathing. It is one of the oldest 5 Tibetan yoga forms.

This is pretty in nature, as well. As explained above, the seven phases are linked to the different stages of breathing.

Each move is about retaining the breath to reach a deep stage.

Yantra yoga is indeed quite tricky when it comes to execution.

Benefits of Yantra Yoga

There are significant benefits of performing yantra yoga poses regularly. The arrangement of Yantra yoga includes a vast variety of moves that can be tried by anyone.

This is one of the most beautiful ways of achieving the most favorable state of health, tranquility, and stability, maintaining the proper harmony of the body, mind, and breathe.

As the person gets control over his/her breathe and physique, it makes him/her a better decision-maker.

The best part, Yantra Yoga, is one of the most suitable forms of yoga for women.

One can gain significant Shri yantra benefits upon effectively applying its principles.

  • There is no age constraint as well to practice Yantra Yoga.
  • No matter you are thin or flabby; all can practice this yoga.
  • One can mark the difference only after a few days of practice.
  • A regular practitioner can soon realize the uplifted state of the body, health, energy, and endurance.
  • Contemporary humans, more likely to get tired due to severe work pressure, can find it helpful.

A significant advantage of Yantra yoga is that the practice of it improves the endurance level of the practitioner.

As a result, it lowers the dependence upon medicines every time. The common health issues for modern-day people;

  1. Be it about hypertension
  2. Blood sugar
  3. Cardiac problems
  4. Migraine pain, etc.

It can be best treated upon the regular practice of Yantra Yoga.

All, it needs to be disciplined enough and learn its techniques properly through an expert; especially the sequences.