Yoga to fight corona

Yoga Poses to Fight against Coronavirus

With the rise in the COVID-19 pandemic, people are bound to stay at home. Without significant physical activities, people are getting lazy as the gym, and many fitness centers are yet to open to stop the spread of the pandemic. It has become essential for people to boost their immunity to stay away from this deadly virus as everyone knows the effect and the impact of coronavirus on the world. Hence it has become necessary to take care of our health. Besides eating healthy, yoga has emerged as a powerful tool to keep oneself fit and boost immunity. It is also the most natural form of exercise as you don’t need tons of equipment; all you need is a good yoga mat and a quiet corner at home and, that’s it.

Yoga to improve your immunity

Yoga is a beautiful amalgamation of yoga asana and pranayama that stimulates internal organs like the digestive system, respiratory, and many other vital organs that help build your immunity, which is the need of this time COVID-19 pandemic. If you are genuinely beginner, many yoga schools offer online yoga courses on their respective social media handles, and AYM yoga school in Goa is one such that yoga school. AYM yoga school is run by Yogi Chetan Mahesh, who is an expert yoga guru. He is also offering online yoga classes on the official Facebook page of AYM yoga school in Rishikesh. However, if you are on time constraint yet want to maintain sound health, apart from practicing breathing exercises or pranayama Yogi Chetan Mahesh has shared five yoga asana to fight coronavirus.

Five yoga asana to fight coronavirus

Fish Pose

Fish pose:

To start with this yoga pose, lie down on your back with your arms resting beside you and palm facing down. Now place the palm beneath your hips and bring your elbows close and inhale. Lift your chest and then head off the mat. Keeping your torso off the floor gently lowers your head and touches the top of the head to the floor. Keep your palm pressed firmly on the ground, hold the pose for 20 to 30 seconds, and then release it gently from the posture.

Fish pose is one of the significant immunity strengthening yoga poses that detoxifies you and boosts your energy levels. Also, it gives you relief from nasal congestion.


Stand erect, keeping your feet hip-width apart and keeping your spine upright. Inhale and stretch your arms above your head, and as you exhale, bend your upper torso from the hips n rest your arms near the toes. Relax your hips and bend your knees a little.  You can also let your arms hanging if you want to give your hamstring a beautiful stretch. Stay in the pose for at least 10-12 breaths and then return to your normal position.

Inversion yoga poses are the best way to stimulate your body’s immune system and also it removes congestion from the sinus, which is also known as the first layer of defense.

Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose:

Lie down on your yoga mat; bend your knees, and keep your feet hip-width apart. Let your arms resting either side of your body. With an inhale, gently lit your lower, middle, and then upper back off the floor. Your weight should be on your shoulder, feet, and arms. You can also interlock your finger beneath your back to get an excellent lift. Keep breathing, stay in the pose for at least 30 to 60 seconds, and release as you exhale.

The bridge pose is an excellent chest opener and opens your thymus gland, which regulates T-cells’ growth in your body. This helps create a secure defense system in your body, much needed in a coronavirus pandemic. Apart from that, it also reduces fatigue, insomnia, and backache.

Downward dog pose

First, this pose starts from the tabletop position, tuck your toes underneath, and lifts your hips off the floor, making an inverted ‘V.’ If you are a beginner, bend your knees slightly to avoid the rounding of the back and engage your quad muscles to avoid putting off the significant weight on the arms. Hold the pose for at least ten breaths and return.

Downward dog is the best yoga pose to increase blood circulation towards the head and distribute white blood cells throughout the body that helps build immunity. Also, it helps relieve lower back pain and stretches the hamstring and the following areas of the legs.

Legs up the wall:

Last but not least, in this immune building, yoga pose is a leg up the wall. Start with lying down on a yoga mat near the wall and make sure the side of your butt touches the wall. Now gently swing your legs by moving your hips and rest your legs over the fence. If you have a tight hamstring, put a blanket under your hips. Close your eyes and breathe and stay in the pose for a good 10-15 min and rollback.

This yoga pose is a power pose that improves the blood circulation in the body and revitalizes it. It brings down your stress level, which is needed this time, and boosts your nervous system.

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