New Year's Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution: Whoa, it is almost a New Year! Are you ready? As New Year calls for celebration, it is also time to leave your old self and step towards a new you. It is the time when people make goals make new habits for themselves. New Year is when we reflect on our previous year and focus on what we need to improve. Having sound physical and mental health is prevalent in most people’s New Year Resolutions list. Along with healthy eating, exercise, and career plans. Fortunately, good health can achieve by including yoga in your New Year resolution.

So if you are going to set yourself a new resolution for 2021, then including yoga in your daily routine is an excellent resolution for these reasons:

For a fitter you:

How many of you have long for a fitter and toned body?? We always thought of going to the gym and work on our physique to get that chiseled body and lean waistline. Yoga helps you to achieve that, whether it is a slimmer body or a narrow waist. Include Surya namaskar– a set of 12 powerful yoga poses that work on your whole body. Even 7 to 8 reps of Surya namaskar every day will do magic on your body, and you will feel energetic and leaner too. Also, asanas like bow pose and few kapalbhati pranayama rounds will help lose those inches from your belly and get you that toned belly you always wanted.

For overall health and wellbeing:

Several studies have shown that yoga helps in coping with several ailments when practiced over a while. Whether it is about removing that muscle’s stiffness and achiness by improving your overall flexibility, whether it is about controlling hypertension, blood pressure, stress, and anxiety, practicing deep breathing exercises or pranayama will do wonders for you. Just make sure to follow the right set of yoga asana according to your conditions. You can also enroll in a yoga teacher training course to practice these asanas under a yoga teacher’s guidance that will make adjustments according to your health condition.

For a calm and wiser mind:

Let’s face it 2020 has been rough on most people, and it gave us its share of stress and anxiety. Even though the New Year comes with its challenges, we have to be calm and compose while dealing with these problems. Yoga helps you achieve the habit of mindfulness, whether on the mat or off the mat. It focuses on breathing that helps calm the mind and refrain us from making hasty decisions in real life. So, next time if you are stressed or about to spew expletive in a fit of anger, remember to take a deep breath and move away.

Help in detoxification: New Year’s Resolution

Consistent yoga practice helps in the detoxification of the entire body. The regular yoga practice helps to flush out the deep-seated toxins stored in the system and release emotional tension and stress from the body. The training will let you achieve that younger looking body with a peaceful mind and a vibrant personality.

It teaches you self acceptance:

It is one of the best reasons to include yoga into our daily routine in the New Year. Yoga teaches you to be kind to yourself. It is not about changing your body or mind or how many headstands you can practice. It is all about accepting yourself the way you are and then making yourself better in every aspect. We live in a world where we are in a constant rush to meet deadlines, whether, in our career or our personal, we always try to follow the latest trends, lifestyle or even try to change our bodies in fear of being left out.

Take this New Year yoga as your resolution, not just show to the external world but for yourself. Take it at the moment, a day then a week than to the whole year. Create a marker for yourself at which you can adjust yourself according to your comfort and follow it. Maybe in the process, you will find happiness and freedom for yourself.