Yoga Asanas for Eating Disorder

Yoga Poses for Eating Disorder – Now get the Best Solutions from Yoga Asanas for Eating Disorder lifestyle, Prominent reasons behind eating disorder-related issues, Get solutions by Yoga Teacher Training Goa

Stomach problems like gastric, indigestion, etc are some of the issues almost every modern day human is suffering from. Disordered lifestyle is the prominent reasons behind eating disorder and related issues. Problems of such as sustaining for long periods can lead to a serious health disaster. Hence, the best recommendation would be always to practice yoga regularly. Being consistent with yoga solves all digestion related problems and also helps the person in living a disciplined lifestyle. To be specific, the following yoga is must try.

Yoga Poses for Eating Disorder



Vajrasana is the best yoga for eating disorders. Regularly practicing it, you will never see digestion-related issues in life. This is the only pose a person can try after having his meals. It’s quite simple as well; all you need is to sit on your calf so that the buttocks rest on the heels. Keep the spine straight and put the palms on the thigh.



Balasana can solve your different types of eating disorders. The pose improves digestion and helps in healing all kinds of lower abdominal issues. The process is straightforward. You can start it from the Vajrasana state as well. Sit in Vajrasana state and then bend the upper body down, making the forehead touch the ground. Both the hands should lie on either side of the body inverted.




Bhekasana doesn’t heal every issue related to digestion or treating eating disorders; it is also one of the most effective poses against various lower abdominal and sexual matters.  This process looks quite similar to balasana and also can be started from vajrasana state. After sitting in vajrasana, squeeze the fingers (of both hands) to make a punch and make both the hands join each other.

Pavan Muktasana:

Pavan Muktasana

Pavan means air, and Mukta means liberation. As per the name, Pavan Muktasana is an incredible pose for those having gastric issues and also for what causes eating disorders. It is one of the simplest poses to improve digestion levels. To start the pose, first sleep straight on the ground, exhale, bend the legs from the knee, wrap it through both hands, and take it up to the chest level. Now try to lift the head and make the nose touch the knee. Remain at this state for a little while and again come back to the original state. You can repeat the pose for 5-10 minutes to see the difference.

Kapal Bhati Pranayam :

Yoga Poses for Eating Disorder

There is undoubtedly a significant role of yoga in the treatment of eating disorders. However, it can be even more effective if physical yoga is combined with breathing techniques or pranayama. To be specific, Kapalbhati pranayama can be an excellent recommendation in this regard. Kapalbhati is the simplest in this line-up. All you need is to generally sit in crossed leg state, keep the fingers in mudra. Now exhale swiftly by giving stomach inward thrusts. It would be best if you sat straight while doing this. Most importantly, you should do it absolutely on an empty stomach and have finished the toilet formalities.