Are you planning to do yoga teacher training in India?? 

If you are, then it is probably the best decision you have taken. I attended my yoga teacher training in Goa last year at AYM yoga school, located in arambol Goa. My 28 days training was challenging and intensive physically, mentally, and emotionally but is so worthwhile. I felt that I have changed and improved way more in terms of physical practice and many more things and left my training as a much better individual.

Why did I choose AYM yoga school in Goa??

I have always wanted to go to India for my yoga teacher training because it is the birthplace of yoga, and in India, yoga teacher training is pretty affordable. However, I choose to go to Goa instead of rishikesh as I like beaches over mountains, and Goa is more laid back then rishikesh as I have heard from many people. After researching so many yoga schools, I chose AYM yoga school as it is an established yoga school and is also operating in rishikesh for a very long time. It seems to be a plus point, as rishikesh is the yoga capital of the world. Also, it has many positive reviews on Facebook and the yoga alliance website. It was also pretty affordable, and in the budget, so I immediately booked my spot and landed in Goa for my first ever yoga teacher training.

Arambol Beach

What a typical day looks like in yoga teacher training.

The schedule is very tight, and our day starts at 6:30 Am with morning tea. After that, we go for our cleansing ritual called shatkarma with Jala neti or neti pot. The more cleansing ritual in which we cleanse our digestive system is taught in advanced yoga training.

After that, our first class of hatha yoga starts, which is good because it is way gentler than ashtanga vinyasa, which is very intense for the morning practice. For the first-timer who has just started their yogic journey, hatha yoga classes are the best start of their yogic journey. However, someday the morning practice consists of ashtanga vinyasa.

Finally, at 9.30 am, it is time for breakfast, which generally consists of a fruit bowl and oatmeals and toast, and a big cup of tea. You have to wash your plates as part of karma yoga.

 At 11 am

it is generally the time for yoga, physiology, and philosophy classes, which are a little strenuous and full of science. Here we read a lot of yogic text and sacred scriptures like hatha yoga pradipika and Bhagavad Gita. In human physiology classes, we learned a lot about the human muscular system and the skeletal system, which is necessary for those who want to study yoga.  

At 1 pm

 The Physiology class is followed by a yoga teaching methodology class, which is a little difficult for me as I was very nervous about teaching my fellow group. Still, our teachers were supportive, and later I felt confident while teaching. We need to let go of our inhibitions first to feel comfortable and satisfied while teaching.

At 2 pm, our lunch is scheduled, consisting of a vegetarian meal of rice, chapati, dal, and vegetables. 2 to 3 pm our rest time is scheduled, followed by 1-hour karma yoga practice.

At 4 pm, there is a time for another yoga session, which is generally hatha yoga or Iyengar yoga, or sometimes it is mixed depending upon the teacher’s mood.

At 6 pm, it is a time for our anatomy and yoga therapy classes where we learned how to give a therapeutic yogic massage. We also learned about various pressure points in the body to learn how to release those energy blocks.

7;15 pm is our dinner time, which is generally the same as lunch consisting of chapati, lentil, vegetables, and rice, but the menu keeps changing, so yes, you will soon like it. You can also tell the chef in advance if you are vegan, they will adjust the menu accordingly.

After dinner at 8 pm, we are generally free. However, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, our mantra classes take place. I thoroughly enjoyed it as it is full of music, mantra, and kirtans, and we are asked to let go of our inhibitions and let the chanting of mantra sink in us.

yoga asana on the beach

The curriculum at AYM yoga school in Goa

This is our general schedule, which is pretty much very intense, and on Sunday, we went to the beach, which is very calm and poised. 

The curriculum is pretty standard for every yoga school, but yoga teachers’ teaching experience adds a lot of value to it. The schedule at my yoga ttc in Goa was very tight, and I also struggled a lot initially, yet I felt relaxed at the end of the day.



Sundays are mostly for outings, and on one Sunday, our tour was organized by the yoga school to the nearest hike, and it was exhausting. We went to arambol beach, and other beaches of Goa sat on the sands, and enjoyed the sunset and sunrise, which was very beautiful.

At the end of our teacher training, we have our exam that consists of theory followed by a practical examination. We also had a test on philosophy and yoga anatomy where we were given a set of questionnaires, which we have to answer.

Do I recommend AYM yoga school in Goa?

Absolutely yes, I had a great time there, and if you want to start your career as a Yoga Teacher, you should start your journey with AYM. My group was small, and I connected with everyone; our teachers were knowledgeable in their areas, which took the training to another level. Yogi Chetan Mahesh’s lecture was an absolute delight as he is a master of hatha yoga. Lastly, Here in AYM yoga school, you will find your voice as a yogi and what you want with your yoga teacher training, which is essential. For the price you pay for the yoga ttc, you will get access to authentic yogic knowledge in a blissful environment.

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