What Is a yoga lifestyle

What is a Yoga Lifestyle? Learn everyday yoga asana and benefits

What is a Yoga Lifestyle? – Modern lifestyle revolves around offices desk, completing deadlines, watching series online without following a proper lifestyle, workout, eating habits. This leads to a lot of unnecessary stress, sleepless night, and anxiety that squeeze every bit and pieces of energy from you. Apart from that sedentary lifestyle, poor dietary habits can create havoc on your body. However, practicing the yogic lifestyle consciously can-do wonders for your lives.

What is a Yoga Lifestyle? & Why Yoga?

Nowadays, when it comes to exercising, most people make excuses that they don’t have time. However, we all know that to create balance and harmony in our lives, we must follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid stress, and yoga is a perfect solution. Incorporating yoga into our lifestyle makes our body healthy, calms our minds, and keeps tension at bay. You only need a yoga mat and 15 minutes of your day for simple beginner practice.

Practicing yoga asana everyday gives you the ability to control your breath, body and also increase concentration. It not only stretches each muscle and tissue of your body but also internally massages our organs. Practicing yoga reduces stress and anxiety and helps you deal with chronic pain and sleep peacefully, enhancing your quality of life and your overall well-being. Post Course Support and Mentoring.

Yoga lifestyle:

Yogic lifestyle is all about consciously shaping our lifestyle choices, habits, and attitudes according to principles, ethics, and philosophies of yoga. It is all about making lifestyle choices aligned with the stages of Yoga and its ethics. Practicing a yogic lifestyle leads you to a state of peace, harmony and brings you towards sattva. It will improve your health and reduce the risk of various ailments and improve your mental health and your day-to-day perspective.

To fully commit to the yogic lifestyle, start making a conscious decision in your everyday lives, and soon you will start witnessing a massive shift in your perspective about things around you. That’s why it is a truth that total commitment to a yogic lifestyle can make you eat more healthily, develops a new friendship, and maybe change places.

What Is a yoga lifestyle?

How can you implement a yogic lifestyle in your daily life?

To start with a yogic lifestyle, start implementing these things in your daily lifestyle.

Go for a yogic diet:

Generally, a yogic diet includes plant-based, clean sattvic in nature, including more fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole food. Try to incorporate organic and locally grown, and seasonal food into your diet. Eliminate processed food and meat from your diet. Cook your food with herbs and spices. This will also help in enhancing your yoga practice and overall energy level.

Follow a circadian rhythm:

 We all know that we need at least eight hours of deep and peaceful sleep everyday. This keeps your mind clear and focus but also keeps your body active and energized the whole day. Our body follows a natural circadian rhythm that means sleep with the moon and wakes up with the sun. This is the reason when we woke up early, and we feel more energetic. If you are sleeping peacefully and deeply, it keeps your body well rested and improves your immune system. Hence, it is always good to go to bed early, switch off any electronic devices, and get into a good night’s sleep.

Learn to think consciously:

To master your mind, nothing can beat the practice of meditation. While yogasana and pranayama practice help you control your body, calm your mind, and enhance focus. The method of meditation can be a game-changer for you as it allows you to master your thoughts. It not only makes you aware of your thoughts and emotion but also helps in managing them. It clears your mind and enhances your productivity, creativity and removes negative emotions. When you can remove negative thoughts, you will be able to create a happy and peaceful life.

To live like a Yogi:

One of the best and easiest ways to understand the yogic lifestyle is to attend a Yoga Retreat in Goa or maybe attending a Yoga Teacher Training in Goa. This will help you know the yoga principle that will lead you to the yoga lifestyle pathway. By building a better habit, spiritual connection, making conscious choices, and having a non-judgmental attitude, we can become better human beings, not for ourselves but everyone around us.