Yoga asanas for cramps

Since ages, yoga has always been used as the first resort to deal with the monthly period cramps, before there were pain killers, women used to practice yoga devotedly to ease the menstrual cramps without any harm or side effect. Now a day’s women take the easy route in by gulping down those pain killers, which certainly reduce the pain but aren’t effective in the long run and have a range of side effects attached to it. With the recent craze over yoga, many women are following suit and practicing yoga for cramps and period pain.

According to many yoga learners, now they sometimes don’t even realize they are having periods because practicing yoga takes the pain away and the process of elimination of those tissues and blood from the ovary eases down a lot. There are some yoga asana that you can practice at the ease of your home but make sure you do it with a trainer beside you if it’s your first time because the improper technique can worsen the cramps even further.

Yoga positions to relieve those unwanted period cramps


Also known as child pose, Balasana helps you ease those muscle pains, especially at the back of your waist area by relaxing it. Sit back with your legs folded behind your knees and gently breathe in and breathe out to gain control over the airflow in your body. Now relax your back and arch forward until your hands towards the front until they touch the ground. This position eases muscle cramp around the back area during the menstrual cycle. To make the asana a bit comfortable, put a pillow between your stomach and leg.


Also known as a forward fold, Uttanasana pose helps lengthens the spines and stretches the hips to ensure a more natural flow of blood during the periods. By extending the hamstrings, calves and backs are the best yoga for leg pain during menstrual cycles. All you have to do is stand up straight and bend over.


This pose is probably one of the most relaxing poses in yoga for menstrual pain, which helps the abdominal and back muscles relax. It is also known as Knees to chest pose. It increases circulation in the abdominal area and helps with anxiety. Just lay down straight and fold your legs behind the knees and bring the folded leg towards your stomach and hold with both hands.

Supta Matsyendrasana:

Also known as a Supine twist, this art of yoga is practiced by gently laying down in a mat sideways. Move the hand and leg on the top side in the opposite direction. Do the same for the opposite side as well and hold for a few minutes. This asana helps you ease that anxiety, and is one of the best positions to help cramps, calm your nerves as well as detoxify your body. It also gives flexibility to the spine.

These asanas along with a few minutes of meditation are sure to help you win over those notorious period cramps