deepen your yoga practice in 2020

Deepen your yoga practice in 2020

Deepen your Yoga Practice in 2020 – New year leads to the new beginnings; we have all heard these things, right?? You have been practicing yoga for a while and maybe practicing it in the same way as you used to do earlier. Perhaps the yoga poses that were challenging for you earlier become easier for you. Perhaps you feel a little annoying to practice and find it hard to keep up with the practice. With the onset of 2020, it’s time to deepen your yoga practice.

Good news that in yoga, you will always find something new to challenge yourself. So whether you are practicing yoga for a while or want to start your journey of yoga, you can always introduce new elements in your yoga practice that helps in deepening your yoga practice. However, here are some of the different ways that will help in the deepening of yoga practice.

Here are the 9 Ways to deepen your yoga practice in 2020

1. Return to the beginner set of mind:

Remember, when you have started your mind, everything was exhilarating for you. You moved your body into this practice with utmost belief and least expectation towards it. Meanwhile, many practitioner’s first few months into the training are incredible for them as they have to release every tension from their body. And, we kept ourselves engrossed into every yoga pose to stay connected with our breath.

Like earlier, keep every notion you have known about yoga out of your head and approach the practice from a beginner frame of mind. Return to the foundation of yoga and learn to focus on your breath and learn alignment. You can also join a beginner’s yoga retreat for a fresh perspective. Keep yourself open to new experiences.

2. Go for consistency:

There is a specific thing about practicing every day without fail, which teaches a lot about yourself, your physical as well as mental health. The burning desire to roll out your yoga mat everyday and guide yourself to everyday through the movement of your breath is priceless. It doesn’t have to be put out by certain hours on the mat; it always about the consistency of showing up on the mat even for five minutes. This daily practice will help in deepening your practice, more flexible and stronger.

3. Practice with Experience teacher:

The Yoga teacher is an essential aspect of any Yoga Teacher Training. They shared their knowledge with us and trained us to imbibe that knowledge in our life. An experienced yoga teacher has years of consistent practice and this experience help in refining the skills of their students. Do the research and try different teachers who can support your passion for yoga as well as advance your skillset.

4. Book a yoga retreat:

If you are feeling stuck at your yoga practice, then the best part to break the monotony of your yoga practice, go for a deep and immersive yoga retreats. In Goa, various schools organize various week-long yoga retreat programs. Here you will get the chance to meet like-minded people, learn multiple yoga and meditation techniques under the guidance of experts. In conclusion, a retreat is an intimate relationship with ourselves and with our yoga teachers that helps in refining our practice.

5. Add some functional training to your yoga practice:

No doubt yoga is a full mind-body workout, but if you are craving for some cardiovascular exercise like running and cycling, yoga lacks in this. However, even if you are practicing dynamic ashtanga, Vinyasa doesn’t provide you that cardiovascular benefit. Go outside for jogging, burpee, and squats in your routine that will strengthen your body as well as give you some cardiovascular workout. You will notice you will feel less fatigue even after the dynamic practice of yoga.

6. Study the history of yoga:

The ultimate goal of yoga is to quieten your mind and self-realization. Learn various yoga scripture like Hatha yoga pradipika, Bhagavad Gita, and Patanjali yoga sutra. The study of these yoga scriptures will help you to learn about the deep and profound history behind this traditional practice and deep philosophies behind yoga. These scriptures were written thousands of years ago and contain infinite knowledge garnered from many sages that will lead you to enlightenment.

7. Learn a new style of yoga:

Incorporating a unique form of yoga into your practice is always a good idea to deepen your yoga practice. Yoga is incredibly diverse, with so many different styles with the same underlying principle. This will help you to approach your current yoga practice with a different approach. With time, you will learn how to use those teaching to create your style.

8. Explore the spiritual aspects of yoga:

Even though you have practiced the physical aspect of yoga, but yoga is far more profound than this. Yoga was developed by Indian sages to prepare your body for enlightenment through the means of physical practice. Explore the other aspects of yoga-like mantra chanting and practice Yama and Niyama in your life. In conclusion, this is the best way to take your yoga practice beyond the mat.

9. Go for an advanced level of yoga teacher training:

If you want to take your practice to the next level, then going for 200-hour yoga teacher training or 300-hour yoga teacher training. These are advanced levels of yoga courses that will help you to dive deeper into your practices, whether in terms of physical as well as its philosophical teachings. Here you will learn advanced practices of every yoga and the philosophy behind it and its benefits. These are all-round training programs that will help you in deepening your yoga practice as it will make you excel in this field. Maybe you will get a new carrier idea for yourself.