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BEST Yoga Teacher Training courses and classes Goa » India

Are you looking to avail the best Yoga teacher training classes in India? Do you want to grow your career as a Yoga instructor/trainer?

If yes, then Association for Yoga and Meditation (AYM) is the best option for you. We at AYM offer best yoga teacher training courses in India as well as yoga training to individuals, since 2005.

Get Best Yoga Teacher Training Course Goa India Yoga classes from Best Yoga Experts.

We understand the dreams of individuals in starting their own Yoga ventures, thus accordingly offer professional Yoga training courses. Our experienced Yoga trainers have prior knowledge of the Yoga training and practices. They deliver the best yoga teacher training to the aspiring individuals so that they can effectively learn all the moves and facts about Yoga.

It is very important to understand the basics of Yoga if you dream to be a Yoga trainer/teacher. At our Yoga ashram In Goa, we assure you in-depth knowledge about different yoga practices and meditation sessions. Apart from Yoga training, you can also enjoy our Spiritual Yoga retreat therapies in Goa.




Yoga in India

AYM is one of the leading yoga ashrams in India. We have our Yoga ashrams in different cities of India like Rishikesh, Dharamshala, and Goa. It’s been over a decade, we are offering best yoga teacher training course in Goa India and yoga retreat programs in India.

Apart from India, we have also got our presence in other countries like Bali and Nepal. We at AYM provides the best yoga retreats in India.

If you want to learn the best Yoga training, then we highly recommend you to avail our yoga ttc Goa programs like

  • 200-hour yoga teacher training in Goa,
  • 300-hour yoga teacher training in Goa and
  • 500-hour yoga teacher training in Goa.

Why choose AYM yoga certification program?

Yoga Alliance Certification:

International Yoga Federation has recognized our Yoga training and classes. Again, all our yoga training courses like

  • 200 hour Yoga teacher training
  • 300-hour yoga teacher training, and
  • 500-hour yoga teacher training are accredited and certified by Yoga Alliance USA.

Once you have completed your Yoga teacher training with AYM Goa, you will get Yoga Alliance USA certification as well as appreciation.

Different Yoga styles:

At AYM Goa, you will get to learn different traditional and ancient yoga styles. Some popular yoga styles offered by AYM yoga ashram include

  1. Hatha yoga
  2. Vinyasa Flow
  3. Iyengar
  4. Ashtanga
  5. Vinyasa
  6. Sivananda
  7. Restorative yoga
  8. Power yoga
  9. Kundalini yoga, and
  10. Hatha Vinyasa yoga.

We mainly offer yoga teacher training courses in three different levels.

Experienced Yoga instructors:

In order to ensure best yoga courses in Goa, we have arranged experienced and efficient yoga trainers in our ashrams. Our Yoga trainers have complete knowledge over different yoga styles and postures. Again, they have been in this domain for years, thus AYM assures you effective yoga teacher training in goa and yoga classes in goa, without any hassle. For every level of yoga training, we offer 4-5 experienced yoga instructors.

Perfect class size For Yoga training:

At AYM Goa, we have fixed restricted our class size up to 25 students only. By limiting the class size to this number, it is flexible for our teachers to give the same importance to every individual. Again, the students also feel comfortable in interacting with the trainers during the yoga teacher training sessions.

Syllabus of yoga teacher training program at AYM

AYM includes basic curriculum required by Yoga Alliance USA, and the topics of the syllabus are:

  • Training, Techniques, and Practice of yoga.
  • Methodology of Yoga Teaching.
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Ethics and Philosophy of Yoga.
  • Yoga teaching Practice.

The Foundation of AYM in India was laid down by Yogi Chetan Mahesh in 2005. And since then, AYM has been offering the best class Yoga training. AYM yoga school in India has given more than 10000 certified yoga instructors in last 10 years. This is the main reason, why the trainees from around the world greatly appreciate the yoga teacher trainings at AYM.

Facebook reviews:

You can check here the reviews of our students who have completed their Yoga training at AYM. The Facebook reviews will surely improve your confidence in availing best yoga teacher training course in India at AYMClick here to know

YouTube reviews:

Our pass out students has developed their own Yoga ventures in a different part of the world. You can check their videos and their reviews regarding AYM yoga school here. Have a look on AYM YouTube Videos Click here


BEST Yoga Teacher Courses in India


200 hour yoga TTC Goa Dates

  • 3rd Oct 2018 : : 29th Oct 2018 1500 USD
  • 3rd Nov 2018 : : 29th Nov 2018  1500 USD

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300 hour yoga TTC Goa Dates

  • 2nd Jan 2019 : : 30th Jan 2019 1900 USD
  • 2nd Feb 2019 : : 1st Mar 2019 1900 USD

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500 hour yoga TTC Goa Dates

  • 3rd Dec 2018 : : 30th Jan 2019 3300 USD
  • 3rd Jan 2019 : : 1st Mar 2019 3300 USD

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200 hour yoga TTC Dharamshala Dates

  • 4th Apr : : 30th Apr 2018 1500 USD
  • 3rd May : : 29th May 2018 1500 USD
  • 2nd Jun : : 28 Jun 2018 1500 USD
  • 3rd Jul : : 29 Jul 2018 1500 USD
  • 3rd Aug : : 29 Aug 2018 1500 USD
  • 3rd Sep : : 29 Sep 2018 1500 USD

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200 hour yoga TTC Rishikesh Dates

Course Fee

1350 USD Shared 1500 USD Single

  • 15 Jan : : 10 Feb 2018
  • 15 Feb : : 10 Mar 2018
  • 15 Mar : : 10 Apr 2018
  • 15 Apr : : 10 May 2018

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Yoga Teacher Training In India - review 200 hour


yoga-teacher-training-goa I completed the 200 Hour Yoga TTC at AYM in Rishikesh, India in April 2016. The school is beautifully located in upper Tapovan, just far away enough to have some peace and quiet from the busier streets, but close enough to pop into town if you ever needed to. The teachers were all humble, good matured and knowledgeable and I felt as my first teacher training it gave me a good starting base for any further studying I wish to undertake.  The staff are all friendly and helpful and made Rishikesh feel like home. I would recommend this school as a good starting point for anyone wanting to delve into their yoga practice in India. Thank you AYM!

-Cassy Fick

200 hour Yoga TTC Student

A month amazing with awesome people!!!! I just finished the 200hr Yoga TTC in aym and I can’t be more happy with the experience. In a quiet environment and natural (away from roads, cars and dicks), The facilities in perfect condition, clean, hot water and the yoga class with windows so I can see the mountains at the same time you practice! The food very rich and just spicy, but it was a wonderful breakfast!!! Since the owner of the ashram, passing by Mahesh and all the teachers, even the workers, there can be no better environment! The teachers very good and with much knowledge. And, above all, you can always count on them for any problem or question.

-Pilu Leta

200 hour Yoga TTC Student