Top 10 places for yoga retreat in Goa

Goa is a dreamland. It’s like a heaven for all those passionate about life. Well, considering the ongoing revolution of yoga, Goa has dragged the attention of yoga enthusiast over the globe as well. Given below are the top yoga retreats in Goa which witness significant crowd throughout the year.

Little Cove Yoga Holiday Retreat, Cola

This one of the prominent destinations in South Goa is equally buzzed among the yoga enthusiasts as well. The retreat is operated by a certified yoga expert in Ashtanga yoga. The location surrounded by palm grove is just captivating. Talking about the price, it starts from around 4000 INR per person.

Bamboo Yoga Retreat, Patnem

Here come another fantastic yoga retreats in South Yoga to fulfill your yoga passion in a promising way. The scenic surrounding of Patnem beach has always been one of the centers of attraction among the tourists. It’s an excellent destination for the beginners as well as the experts. Coming to costs, it varies according to facilities, though you may take $75 as a standard price.

Kranti Yoga Village Beach Resort, Patnem

If you have already tried Bamboo Yoga Retreat in Patnem beach, don’t go anywhere but Kranti YOGA Village Beach Resort at the same location. This is considered one of the most beautiful resorts moreover for the experts. The best part, starting from 100 hours to Ashtanga Vinyasa, it’s a one-stop destination for all forms of yoga.

Yoga Magic Eco Retreat

Situated among the paddy groves, the place feels like a paradise with unique tranquility. The lanky palm trees in companion with a rejuvenating climate create a perfect environment for spiritual and yoga practices. Interestingly, the place is well known for its organic, authentic diet as well. No doubt

Yoga Gypsys

Yoga Gypsys is considered one of the top yoga retreats in India, situated nearby the Ajoba temple in proximity to the Ashvem Beach. It’s been one of the preferred destinations among the foreigner yoga enthusiasts for the yoga courses in Goa.  Moreover, the retreat is known for its renowned yoga trainers.

SWAN Yoga Retreat

If you are looking for the best center for a yoga retreat in India that is equally blessed with natural flora and fauna, Swan Yoga Retreat can be a perfect recommendation to go with. Surrounded by a vast range of trees, it’s been an ideal destination for the bird lovers as well. The best part, the retreat is a one-stop destination for a whole range of spiritual practices and the needful goods for those.

Ashiyana, Mandrem

Retreats like Ashiyana, Mandrem are the reasons that yoga in Goa is so much in fuss these days. To be specific, the place is a perfect recommendation for contemporary professionals who want to relax through the magic of yoga.

The Mandala:

The Mandala is another serene destination in Goa to fulfill your passion for yoga this vacation. It’s a favorite among the visitors for its incredible facilities. The prices vary according to the facility, starting from $40.

Banyan Tree Yoga, Ashwem

Here you can feel a unique magical vibe. The retreat is exclusive at its way is made up of ten huts, which create an authentic appeal. Costs start at $70, though more charges are applied for additional facilities.

Satsanga Retreat

The name itself talks about its spiritual significance. Moreover, the place is rich with tropical gardens that create a unique vibe among the practitioner, offering them significant tranquility within.

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