Best morning yoga poses to start your day

Best Morning Yoga Poses

Best morning yoga poses to start your day, Yoga Asanas, for good health designed to provide stimulation to humans. Call us Now

Yoga is a holistic approach to a person’s overall well-being. It is the scientific system of physical and mental exercises. Yoga originated in India around 5000 years ago, and over the years, it has been defined and refined by various yoga gurus. Yoga consists of many Asanas (poses) and Pranayama (breathing exercises). Regular practice of Asanas and Pranayama helps to improve the overall health of a person. Yoga Asana for good health is designed to provide stimulation to every part of the human body. Yoga asanas not only make the body strong, balanced, flexible, and healthy, but they also help to improve mental concentration.

Is there any specific time to practice yoga?

Many people have been argued about the right time to practice yoga. Some say that practicing it in the morning is okay, while some others support an evening practice.

  1. The question now arises, what is the best time to practice yoga?
  2. Whether morning or evening?
  3. Also, should it be practiced empty stomach?

These questions may seem simple, but it is essential to go through the answers critically when our health is concerned. The answer is that yoga can be practicing both in the morning and evening, as well.

Yoga is quite different from other kinds of exercise. Yoga should be practiced regularly to enjoy its benefits.

Also, try to gradually increase the time of practice so that you get used to it and give your body added benefits. The other question is that you should try and not eat at least 2 hours before practicing yoga.

Try to clear your bowels and drink a glass of lime juice, if required.

Best Morning Yoga Poses

Start your day with these Yoga poses

Which is the best time to practice yoga, morning or evening?

Even though you can practice yoga in the morning or evening, the best time to practice yoga, when you get up in the morning, before sunrise if possible, and before breakfast.

Doing some light morning yoga poses, it’s very beneficial to the body. It can help to enhance productivity, which will reflect throughout the day.

Practice Yoga Asanas empty stomach, especially when you wake up from sleep. You can warm up with some postures when your body feels stiff, tired, or tensed.

However, if unable to practice yoga in the morning, they can practice it in the evening, especially around sunset.

Try as much as possible not to perform many over-stimulating postures in the evening. In any yoga routine, the Asanas are first practiced before proceeding to breathe and then meditation. The most crucial aspect of any yoga practice is consistency.

Practice yoga regularly if you genuinely want to benefit from it. Set your goals to stay motivated as you continue your practice.

Some of the best yoga poses to practice in the morning.

Mornings always the ideal times of the day. Because This is the time only when you are most energetic, morning exercises help regulate sleep and balance hormones, increase metabolism, and stretch the body’s stiff muscles.

So if you are a yogi, here are some of the best yoga poses to start your day:

Check these Some Best morning yoga poses

  • Standing backbend and side stretch:

In this posture, you need to stand and then inhale and move your arms straight up. Feel the elongation and bend back slightly through your entire body. Then exhale and let your hands slide down the side of the body. The other hand should remain to raise. Relax the head and feel a deeper stretch in your ribs and bottom of the body. Now slowly inhale and then exhale.

  • Forward fold:

In a standing position, inhale and fold yourself forward at your hips. Then allow your knees to bend. Move your chest towards your thighs. The neck should be relaxed, and the head should hang heavily. When you do this posture, you should feel a stretch in the lower spine and legs. This posture helps in the brain’s fresh blood flow, which helps clean and refresh the mind and clear focus.

  • Tree Pose:

In a standing position, keep your feet at hip-distance apart. Now spread your toes wide to plant yourself firmly on the ground. Now bring your hands onto your hips or to your heart’s center. Inhaling, raise one of your feet and place it on the calf of your thigh. Then exhale and keep your core engaged.

  • Down dog posture:

Like other postures, you have to begin with a standing position and lift your tailbone towards the sky. Then drop your head down and push into your hands to create a length in the spine. Then tuck your abdomen and press the soles of both feet down towards the ground.

These are some of the ideal yoga poses that you should practice in the morning. However, ensure that you execute these postures correctly to avoid injuring yourself.

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