6 Yoga Poses That Don’t Require a Yoga Mat

One doesn’t need to understand the importance of yoga in modern times. With so much of awareness being created around, it is not difficult for someone to appreciate its real value. Still, despite knowing everything, not everyone is habituated with yoga. To be specific, the professionals or the office going people (of desk job) show the excuses that they don’t get enough time to practice yoga. However, given below are five best yoga poses for such professionals, those can be tried even at the office itself.


Malasana is a perfect example of yoga in the workplace. People those who have to work in a sitting position for long hours come cross with several issues like piles, back pain, constipation, etc. Malasana would be the perfect recommendation for such people. It is a simple pose that can be tried at the office itself.

To start with, stand straight and create distance between the legs, with a direction of the tows in the opposite direction. Now exhale, fold the palms and sit in the air, or pretend like sitting on a chair. Stay at this state for a few minutes.


Utkatasana is one of the most beautiful chair yoga poses. It can be effective against back pain. The pose strengthens vertebral column, thigh, and shoulders. Here you have to stand straight, exhale, and sit in the air or pretend like sitting on a chair. Both the hands should be straight in the air, making the same angle as the body makes with the ground. It’s a good desk yoga that can be tried by people of any age group and fitness level.


Natarajasana can be a perfect stretching to strengthen the legs and ankles. It can avoid the joint pains caused due to prolonged hours of sitting on the chair. This beautiful office yoga would be an excellent choice to recover from stress in a shoulder, thigh, groin, etc. You have first to stand straight, bend and lift one of the legs from the knee and hold the foot. Bend the body trying to make it parallel to the ground, and stretch the other hand horizontally straight in the air. It can be the best yoga for office workers to stay fit.


Uttanasana is the perfect yoga for the desk job holders to maintain their flexibility level. It can be tried even by someone who has never taken any yoga lessons prior. To start with, you have to stand straight, lift the hands straight up in the air. Now exhale and bend the body down from the waist, and hold the heel portion. Try to make the nose touch the knee.


Tadasana is the easiest of these five easy, and the best yoga poses for office employee. All you need is to stand straight, clog the fingers of both the hands with each other. Now exhale, at the same time lift the body by standing on the toe, and raise both the hands in the air. It means the entire body remains at a stretched state. It strengthens knees, ankles, thigh, and useful to avoid joint pains due to excessive sitting.