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Online Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training – Online

200 hr yttc online

Registered 200 hour YTTC

Certification ○ Yoga Alliance, Ministry of AYUSH
Course Dates ○ 15th June, 30th June, 15th July, 30th July
Price of the course ○ $999USD/per person
Skill Level ○ Beginner, Intermediate
Key Instructor ○ Yogi Chetan Mahesh
Group size ○ 15-20 participants

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training – Online

300 TTC Online

Registered 300 hour YTTC

Certification ○ Yoga Alliance, Ministry of AYUSH
Course Dates ○ 15th June, 30th June, 15th July, 30th July
Price of the course ○ $1199USD/per person
Skill Level ○ Intermediate,Advanced
Key Instructor ○ Yogi Chetan Mahesh
Group size ○ 15-20 participants

Online Yoga Courses

20 hour Online Meditation and Pranayama course – $200

Introduction: This course included Pranayama and Meditation described in Hatha Yoga Pradeepika – the classic book on ancient yoga along with the modern view. This course is suitable for you if you are a yoga teacher or want to learn meditation and breathing techniques.

Eligibility: Anyone  can Join
Date of starting: 17th June to 13th July 2020
Time of online class: 4:30 to 5:30 (Indian Time) (can be changed according to your suitability)
Certification: 25-hour Pranayama and Meditation TTC
Price: $200 USD | 15000 INR
How to Apply:
Contact us through “Contact Page Form” or Email us at, Call/WhatsApp us at +91-7500277709


  • introduction and meaning of pranayama and types of breathing, abdominal breathing, thoracic breathing clavicle breathing, yogic breathing.
  • Demonstration of wrong and right breathing techniques
  • Method and techniques of yogic breathing


  • Introduction of kapalabhati breath and kapalabhati pranayama
  • Physiological understanding of Kapalabhati pranayama
  • The practice of 10 rounds kapalabhati pranayama level -1, level 2, level 3
  • The method of third eye Meditation with Kapalabhati pranayama.


  • The practice of variations of kapalabhati pranayama, Surya, Chandra, nadishodhana kapalabhati breathing, uttjaii kapalabhati and many more
  • Introduction and practice of bhastrika breath with kumbhaka. 


  • Four basic bhastrika pranayama and practice with meditation
  • Advanced kapalabhati practice
  • Is kapalabhati is hyperventilation breathing and dangerous?


  • Meaning and understanding of process Puraka, Rechaka and Kumbhaka
  • How to practice pranayama with meditation
  • What is the daily routine for pranayama practice? How to increase the holding of the breath for hours


  • Techniques of Nadi-shodhan breathing and pranayama
  • Physiology of alternate nostril breathing
  • The method of alternate nostril kumbhaka with meditation


  • Introduction of ujjayi breathing
  • How to expend breathing capacity with Uttajjai pranayama
  • Combination of nadi-shodhana with ujjayi kumbhaka
  • Throat chakra meditation
  • Physiology of conscious breathing


  • Introduction of Bhramary pranayama, the practice of alternate nostril with bhramary kumbhaka
  • Anahata chakra meditation
  • Physiology of harmonization pranayama


  • Sadanta, sheetakary and sheetali pranayama
  • Physiology of cooling pranayama


  • Discussion of a variety of pranayama’s and questions

Day-11, 12, 13

  • Meaning and understanding of mediation
  • Mechanism of meditation
  • Physiology of meditation
  • Psychology of meditation
  • Challenges of mediation, place of mediation, time of mediation

Day-14, 15

  • Inner light meditation, techniques of inner light mediation
  • Sambhavi mudra


  • Inner sound meditation
  • Bhramary pranayama
  • Shanmukhi mudra


  • Understanding and practice of Yoga nidra
  • Physiology of yoga nidra
  • Physical relaxation, mental relaxation, and spiritual relaxation


  • Visualization mediation
  • Full moon visualization
  • A natural scene like garden visualization, Om visualization 


  • Mantra meditation
  • Om mediation


  • Osho kundalini meditation

8 Days Online Yoga Anatomy Course – $210

Posture and Alignment Specialist course

Course contents:Online Anatomy Course

  • Applied Yoga Anatomy
  • Joint stability and mobility drills
  • Shoulder and testing and assessment
  • Cervical spine testing and assessment
  • Thoracic and lumbar testing and assessment
  • Sacroiliac joint, lumber and pelvis testing and assessment
  • Hip joint testing and assessment for all movements
  • Knee Joint Ankle & Foot testing and Assessment


1 June to 8 June: | 05PM – 08PM (Indian Time) | 12:30PM – 03:30PM (U.K Tine) | 07:30AM – 10:30 AM (U.S Time)

12 June to 19 June: | 05PM – 08PM (Indian Time) | 12:30PM – 03:30PM (U.K Tine) | 07:30AM – 10:30 AM (U.S Time)

22 June to 29 June: | 05PM – 08PM (Indian Time) | 12:30PM – 03:30PM (U.K Tine) | 07:30AM – 10:30 AM (U.S Time)

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Ministry of AYUSH

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Yoga Instructor: Yogi Chetan Mahesh Ji
Copyrights: AYM Yoga School Goa


Our online program is live, so you receive an immediate response to your practice and inquiries. As a certified Yoga Alliance institute, graduates can designate as Yoga Alliance Accredited teachers upon graduation.

We suggest that you have at least six months’ regular yoga practice before considering an Online Teacher Training or Yoga course. However, we do not require you to do any specific posture or perfect posture. Everyone starts their yoga journey separately, and we must concentrate on where you are in the present moment. To make sure our teaching style is right for you, we recommend attending an online demo session.

The primary facilitator for this course is Yogi Chetan Mahesh. Mahesh Ji owns and teaches at the Association for Yoga and Meditation in Goa, India, and has over 4000 hours of experience. He has almost 1500 hours of practice and has led many seminars to further her growth over the past 15 years.

There will be an application to complete before you are accepted into the program. The intention of this is to make sure this training is the right fit for you! Please follow the above link, fill the form, and send back to us:

Once your application is accepted, you will be notified by us, and you will then receive further details.