Yoga Rules

Yoga teacher training at AYM has always been in a very disciplined and holistic manner. We follow certain Yoga rules of practicing yoga which provides an enriching experience to aspiring students in their journey of yoga rules must be Followed.

Yoga Rule 1

The attitude and behavior of the students getting trained for AYM teacher training courses to have to be respectful both to the public as well as private places during the entire study course in the premise.

Yoga Rule 2

The students undergoing the courses at AYM have to maintain a very pleasing atmosphere that would encourage congenial and civil associations along with mutual respect. They should refrain from any kind of violence and harassment an assist in fostering an environment where there can be a free and healthy exchange of ideas in a very honest and open manner.

Individuals have to use respectful language without any sense of insult, vulgarity, verbal threats and abusive language in the premise.

Yoga Rule 3

Students have to refrain from public displays of affection and any kind of inappropriate conduct during the course of yoga teacher training course. One has to maintain celibacy during the entire yoga course. Students are not allowed to use, distribute or posses any kind of recreational, alcoholic or illegal beverages or drugs.

  • The playing of music has to be other in such a manner that does not disturbs other students. Students have to maintain silence before 9 am and after 10 pm.
  • They should refrain from talking or creating loud noises in the sleeping area.
  • Students have to refrain from getting into any intimate association which would lead to an imbalance of influence or power, interest conflict or any other kind of biases that exist.

Yoga Rule 4

Students have to refrain from intake of meat, eggs, fish along with alcohol, smoking and non-prescribed drugs in order to amplify the implications of yoga ttc.

Yoga Rule 5

Photography, video filming or any such activities is not allowed on the premises of AYM yoga ttc unless specified. This is applicable during the conduction of asana, Satsang, lectures, meditations lectures or class or anywhere during the meals or in the temple area. This assists in maintaining the peace and tranquility in the premise.

Yoga Rule 6

In order to gain maximum merits and in regards to the security reasons in AYM yoga ttc it is instructed to the students to stay in the same town until the end of the course. The coordinator of the program has to agree regarding the absence  of the students during the weekend excursions and night stay. They are also provided with a free day that can be incorporated into their weekly schedule for the purpose of shopping or sightseeing which would be basically on Sunday.

Yoga Rule 7

Participation and attendance in the yoga classes that are scheduled in the institute are mandatory. Students have to provide a notice to the program coordinator in the case the students need absence from the classes on a prior basis. Many absences might lead to dismissal from the course.

Yoga Rule 8

Students leaving the premises after the completion of the course are needed to return all materials that they received during the study.

Yoga Rule 9

Karma yoga is highly valued in yoga TTC India. It is required to be followed by every student during their course. This assists in eliminating selfish tendencies and egoist nature from the students.

Yoga Rule 10 : Temple Guidelines

The Students need to maintain the purity of the Temple. They need to wash their feet, hands and face before stepping onto the area. Students are to refrain from unnecessary noise or talk in the temple premises as it is considered as a place of meditation and worship for all the visitors.

Yoga Rule 11

All the Fees for the transaction for Yoga TTC in AYM will be conducted during the deposit time of advance fees. In the case where you are making any kind of arrangements of travel, it is advised to the students to go for cancellation of insurance as AYM cannot be held accountable for any incurring cost for the cancellation of the travel.

Yoga Rule 12

Final confirmation of the Yoga TTC course will happen at the time of deposit of advance fee. If you are making any travel arrangement prior to this confirmation, we would advise you to subscribe to a cancellation insurance as Association for Yoga and Meditation cannot be responsible to any cost incurred for cancellation of your travel. Usually there will be no cancellation of a yoga TTC course by school management but Association for yoga and meditation reserve the right to cancel any course in case of emergency.

Yoga Rule 13 : Agreement by student

According to the participants of the course of AYM, I do agree hereby for participating in all the institutes’ activities.

  • I assume complete accountability for myself and personal property and will make efforts for any endeavor for taking genuine efforts towards my own improvement in accordance with Yoga teachings.
  • I understand all the rules and in the case of violation of any rules, I may be asked to leave the course and premises. In such circumstances, there will be no  refunds.

Yoga Rule 14

I hereby make the confirmation that,

  • I comprehend that the yoga training course is very intense in nature and will have many challenges encompassed in it.

  • The yoga course is entire a full-time commitment and does not facilitate other activities.

  • I hereby declare that all the relevant information and details have been provided on my behalf and

  • I have submitted them for the course of AYM Yoga etc.

  • I take full accountability for myself in attending the yoga course.



very happy to be able to AYM ! People here are very good, happy Huan Rishikesh This place, also the location of the classroom Very convenient! Going up the hill Market down there, there are classroom With floor to ceiling windows you can see the mountains,Yoga class good vision,Sunny! Non-pace here Chang comfortable! Like here There are teachers teaching content, improve For a lot of knowledge. And here A lot of great places and restaurants! Your holiday will not be bored!

-hsiang-en Lin



hello everybody, its been great month of practice in AYM, people are lovely, the food is great, and the mountains view is breath taking, i will definitely come back for the 300 hours.

-Smail Ben