Yoga asanas to get 6 pack abs

Six pack abs have become a milestone for fitness enthusiasts. And, there is no better way than yoga to achieve this. Getting six pack means to be indulged in an intense workout that cuts the excessive belly fats. There are various other ways available as well to achieve the same. However, yoga is indeed the most enduring than all those. Moreover, it can be tried at home itself, without involving any equipment.

Given below are the best recommendations of yoga for six packs. The best part, all these can be tried at home by anyone with any level of body weight.


There is a no better way than dwichakrikasana to cut the belly fats, making the person fit and beautiful. All you need is to sleep on a flat surface keeping the legs straight. Now lift both the legs jointly with hands resting on the ground, twirl first in an anti-clockwise direction for several times and then in the clockwise direction for the same number of times. Those who find it tough to lift both legs at a time may go for one leg after the other as well. Dwichakrikasana is indeed one of those exercises for abs that delivers a quickest possible outcome. At the same time rotating in clock and anti-clock direction, one may go for paddling in the air as well.


Paschimottanasana is one of the most excellent exercise workouts that one must try for having the six pack abs. It takes the flexibility level of the body to a new height. To be specific, the pose is incredible to cut the excess fats from the tummy sides. To start with, first, sit on the ground keeping the legs straight. Now bend the upper body down trying to hold the tows. It would be best if the nose touches the knee, and the elbow touches the ground.

Ardhapincha Mayurasana:

This is one of the best possible core muscle exercises to get those attention-dragging six pack abs. To start with the pose, first lie down on the ground inverted, i.e., with chest facing the field. Now with the support of your forearms and the palm, lift the body with feet touching the ground. Try to stay in this state for 2-3 minutes and repeat the process. You can make it more robust as well upon lifting the forearm, from the above rule, with support of palms only on the ground. This is a must found in any exercise program meant for six pack building.


Halasana is another fantastic six pack abs exercise through yoga. The pose is relaxed but needs to be executed technically without being in a hurry. To start with, first, sleep on the ground with legs remaining straight. Now lift both the legs up and then take it back. Try to make the toe touching the ground, with the hands lying on the ground. Beginners may guide help of hand while lifting the legs.

So, these are the yoga exercises that can give you beautiful six pack abs. However, it is essential to combine the training with a proper six pack abs diet as well for the best outcome.

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